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You might think you're something of a cleaning savant (Lord knows, we did), but prepare to be seriously schooled because there are a few places and items in your home that need regular cleaning, but might be getting overlooked. 

We were shocked how many of these items we were regularly ignoring and can only imagine how horrified professional cleaners would be if they realised. So, to prevent you from feeling the same shame, we're going to tell you all about them in two handy articles.

From your kitchen to your bedroom, there will be a few things in each room you don't currently give much thought to, but that's all about to change!

1. Lampshades

As natural dust magnets, your lampshades need regular attention, but don't worry that you can't get the vacuum nozzle in there. Grab a lint roller and run over the surface a couple of times and you're done. 

That was an easy one!

2. Kitchen drawer organisers

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You might think putting clean cutlery in a drawer will keep it clean, but crumbs and kitchen debris have a knack for finding little crevices in drawers.

Tip everything out from time to time and give your organiser a good shake. You might even be able to run it through the dishwasher.

3. Knife blocks

Those perfectly-sized niches for your knives are perfect for food debris to wedge itself into and you'd never know you're sliding clean knives into dirty holes.

Grab your vacuum cleaner and suck all the dust and grime out and, if you really want to be sure, try taping a cotton bud into a drinking straw and really get in there!

4. Ceiling fan blades

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If your fan blades are dirty or dusty, the second they start rotating they will distribute grime all around your otherwise clean room. Enough of that, we say!

Make sure everything is switched off, then use an old pair of tights to dust your blades as the static will attract all the dirt.

5. Inside your dishwasher

Just because your dishwasher cleans your crockery, it doesn't mean it's actually clean itself.

Run a high temperature cycle with nothing inside, then add some white vinegar to leave your machine sparking and fresh.

6. Baking trays

Who doesn't have a selection of baking trays that simply live in the oven, get covered in foil and forgotten about? It's time to remember them as you'll be horrified how dirty they are. 

Baking soda and white vinegar make the perfect soaking solution, so put everything in your sink overnight and marvel at the results the next morning.

7. Wooden cutting boards

Some woods have a natural antibacterial element, which is fantastic, but you need to be sure your preparation surfaces are hygienic. 

A salt scrub, followed by a fresh lemon juice rinse, will not only kill germs but also leave your boards smelling great.

8. Your iron

Have you ever noticed that your iron gets grubby and sticky on the metal plate? It can even get clogged with limescale.

A saltwater solution and wire scourer will be your best bet, as well as filtered water when you fill it.

9. Hairbrushes

If you did a double-take at this, welcome to the club. Now we think about it though, it does make sense to clean your hairbrushes as natural oils must collect and get pretty nasty in the bristles. 

Remove all the hair and leave your brushes, bristles down, in a baking soda solution, then leave to dry and they'll be good as new.

10. Hair straighteners

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Talking of hair products, your straightening irons will be getting coated in sticky heat-protection products every time you use them. 

Cut through the grime with a white vinegar rub, then rinse and leave to dry. 

11. Your jewellery.

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Dead skin cells, perfume and even (we're sorry to say it) sweat, will all collect in the crevices of your jewellery, so a great idea is to invest in a cheap sonic cleaner. 

You can pick them up for a few pounds on popular auction sites and all you do is drop your precious belongings in, switch it on and come back later!

12. Sunglasses

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If your jewellery needs a clean, so too do your sunglasses. 

An anti-bacterial wipe is your best bet, especially if make-up or sunscreen has got all over them.

13. Sliding door tracks

Dirt and debris loves to find awkward little niches to settle in and your sliding door tracks are a particular favourite. You need to tackle this or the functionality of your doors could be affected.

Grab your dustpan, give the tracks a thorough swipe and then get the vacuum nozzle in there to suck up all the loose items.

14. Pet bowls

We really hope this isn't news, but your pet bowls need cleaning every day, after every meal. Water bowls should also be washed with fresh water. 

Think about all the places your pet's nose goes and you'll know this is just common sense.

15. Clothing drawer organisers

It's not just kitchen drawer organisers that attract dust, as so will your clothes drawers. 

Even if you just do it once a month, empty everything out and give your separate sections a good vacuum and perhaps even a spritz of fabric freshener too.

16. Blind slats

If cleaning your blinds seems like a nightmare, here's an amazing tip for you.

Grab your kitchen tongs, place a sock over each arm, fix with a hair tie or elastic band and you have instant slat cleaners! Open the windows once you're done and any residual dust will blow away.

For more great tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Easy bathroom cleaning tips.

Were you neglecting any of these places or items?

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