14 cool design tricks to integrate your fridge into your kitchen

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Knowing how to introduce a fridge into your kitchen layout can be tricky, especially if you have a small space or don't want to simply choose something freestanding and standard, but we are here to help! We've taken a look at all the cool ways in which professional kitchen planners help to integrate fridges into their client's kitchens and we think we've stumbled on some absolutely fantastic ideas, as well as some supporting suggestions that will help to get as much usage form a fridge recess as possible. 

If you're ready for some seriously cool inspiration when it comes to modern kitchen fridges, let's get started!

1. Have a built-in fridge in a small kitchen.

A tiny kitchen needs to look cohesive and uninterrupted, which is why a built-in fridge (complete with integrated fridge freezer cabinet) is your best option. Choose a matching cabinet housing and the space will look perfect, not to mention the fact that you'll probably have extra storage shelf space in the top as well.

2. You can think outside the box!

If you want a super modern kitchen that looks and feels different from everybody else's, you HAVE to consider these super cool refrigerated drawers that are so in vogue right now. You can fit them in where you need them, they function like a regular fridge and let's be honest, they look awesome too!

3. Use contrasts to make it more exciting.

How about making more of your appliances, by having contrasting coloured doors to hide them away? The teal doors here, which house the fridge, look amazing and help to draw an already present accent colour through to the main cooking space, which maintains a coherent design ethos.

4. Have no contrast for a seamless look.

If the idea of highlighting your fridge really doesn't appeal, you need to choose doors that match the rest of your kitchen perfectly and simply hide it away. Offering a sleek and neat finish, all-white doors are a great choice that add a little contemporary styling into play as well.

5. Make it the focal point.

We all need a fridge in our kitchen, so instead of hiding it away, how about making a serious feature out of it? Choose something large and impressive, with some really cool extra features, such as an ice machine, and let it set the tone for the rest of the room; modern, up to the task and unabashedly luxurious!

6. Have a drinks-specific version in your dining room.

Let's take a quick drinks break to talk about other rooms that can benefit from a fridge! Your dining room is the perfect location for a small drinks fridge, which will allow you to keep perfectly chilled wine and soft drinks close to the dining table. Talk about handy!

7. Flank the oven with your fridge and freezer.

Appliances are a necessary evil in the kitchen that can ruin all your smooth lines and considered design, but not if you draw them into the design itself! In the case of your fridge, and freezer, you can use them to flank and house other items, such as modern ovens. Great design can all rest on symmetry, so this will work really well.

8. Add some shelving above it.

The space above your fridge is a potential gold mine of extra storage, so instead of putting your fridge in place and thinking that's it, you need to see if you have some space for something extra on top. A simple cabinet is all you really need and is a great place for stashing freezer bags and other related items.

9. Pop it in your island.

If you're lucky enough to have a large island in your kitchen, don't waste that prime opportunity for adding in a little extra fridge! You can keep condiments, drinks and other things that should always be within close reach of the dining table and think of all the space you'll free up in the main fridge!

10. Have a larder cupboard near by.

Not everything needs to be kept in the fridge, but you can bet your bottom dollar that things that don't have to be in there should be close by, in order to ensure efficient cooking, which is why we think that your fridge location should make a little room for an adjacent larder cabinet too! It just makes good sense!

11. Match your kitchen dynamic.

Always choose your appliances after you have settled on a kitchen style, as that will directly impact on what version will look best. For a super sleek, modern kitchen, as seen here, you will want a hidden, large family fridge that simply vanishes from view as soon as the door is closed. Can you see the fridge here? We rest our case!

12. Use the space above for wine storage.

We've spoken a little bit about not wasting that precious storage potential above the fridge and here is another great use for it! Adding some simple wine cubby holes above your fridge will not only look great, it will be practical too and help to keep your surfaces clutter free!

13. How about a retro touch?

If you're not worried about hiding your fridge, can we tempt you to go seriously all out and choose something bright, beautiful and undeniably eye-catching? There are a host of amazing retro-style fridges to choose from, which all come in a rainbow of stunning colours, so don't hide your fridge, show it off!

14. Totally camouflage it.

If you can spot the fridge here, you are doing better than us! We can't tell if there are fridge drawers, large built-in fridges or even a fridge in a different room altogether! That's the joy of seriously camouflaging your appliances; you can let other great design choices step forward and take the limelight!

The advantages of a built-in kitchen fridge: More free space

Choosing a modern low-height built-in fridge freezer unit can help you gain more counter space in your kitchen. And placing your refrigerator into one of your lower kitchen cabinets can also help scare up more counter space, which is regarded as the most precious in any kitchen. 

The advantages of a built-in kitchen fridge: Good for our planet

Since most built-in fridges were manufactured after 2002, all of them are energy star certified. That means installing a built-in fridge not only helps you going greener for our planet, but can also cut down on your electricity usage. 

The advantages of a built-in kitchen fridge: A streamlined style

Since a built-in fridge doesn’t protrude, but instead sits flush with the surrounding cabinetry, it ensures a more streamlined and uniform look for the heart of your home. Quite perfect if you’re a devoted follower of the modern / minimalist design styles. 

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