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Grand entryway, lobby, foyer, entry hall or atrium—whatever the name you use to refer to the ingress and gathering space within a home, these places are undoubtedly an important room that determines the aesthetics for the rest of the house. From extravagant sweeping staircases in country mansions, to smaller, yet no less important spaces in which to greet and meet guests, a well-designed entrance is a lavish addition to a majestic home. Appease your guests with a stylishly designed entry, and you will ensure that your home delivers a brilliant first impression. 

Take some cues from the following opulent and elegant spaces below, and guarantee your home has all the trappings and trimmings for a classy, and visually alluring abode.

The traditional Georgian mansion

The epitome of elegance and class, this beautiful Georgian home has been lovingly decorated throughout by Latham Interiors. Ensuring not a single centimetre is missed, this beautiful home displays the archetypal opulent grandiosity of heritage homes. From the decorative wainscoting to the gorgeous cornices, this home is outstanding in its impressive and well-designed nature. This entry hall provides access to the main areas of the home, and is decorated in a neutral colour scheme. With dark contrasting mahogany furniture, this space oozes luxury and lavishness. Tessellated tiles complete the space and further add an air of importance and luxury.

Countryside elegance

Similar to the aforementioned Georgian mansion in size and impressiveness, this entry from Sigmar is a little more recessive and boasts an air of liveability. Grandiose and glorious, this space oozes appeal and a sense of clean refined design. The central foyer encompasses a large square rug, and is replete with a circular table filled with curios, ornamentation and plenty of fresh flowers. Further to this, the light fitting above is a statement making item which can be viewed from the upper level of the home, or on the ground floor as you enter.

Modern spaciousness

This huge modern entry is a brilliant example of a clean and crisp space that utilises a fresh white colour scheme, but manages to include other textural elements to provide a sense of interest and intrigue within the space. The floor, walls and ceiling are all fresh and white, while the exposed stone wall and timber elements provide warmth and a sense of liveability.

Warm and inviting

In contrast to the aforementioned space, this home is a brilliant example of an interior entrance and hallway that embraces a darker and edgier décor. Replete with a warm colour scheme and traditional furniture, this space combines the old with the new, to evoke a sense of comfort and liveability.

Contemporary meets classic

This fusion interior blends a few different trends and styles to create an entry that is both contemporary but with a hint of classic timelessness. The furniture in this space is deco-esque and imparts grandeur, whilst the large open glass balustrade and mezzanine keep the space light and airy. This interior space is an excellent example of an area that maximises its open-plan living by removing walls and barriers which would impede its sense of freshness. The uncluttered ambience of this space ensures sweeping views to the end of the corridor and imparts a true sense of hospitableness and cordiality.

Updating a country classic

This country style entrance is a great example of how you can infuse a few modern and updated interior elements to create a space that boosts interest and intrigue. Show off your design nous with a wall-mirror placed low to the ground. Moreover, choose a statement light fitting that, while heritage in its design, offers a sense of contemporary panache and stylish flair. Finish the cottage style space with a white colour scheme, and darker contrasting tiles.

Which is your favourite entrance or hall? Start a conversation in the comments section below.

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