5 homes that maximise natural light

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Vauxhall House, TLA Studio TLA Studio
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Natural light is one of the most important elements to consider when remodelling or redesigning your home. Light not only creates a mood and ambience within the space, it can drastically affect your psyche and attitude. Not enough light within your domestic spaces, and you will find your home feels dank, dark, and disheartening. If you are undertaking a renovation of your dwelling there are a number of ways you can introduce a brighter and more abundant light supply. If you are not planning a remodel, there are still numerous ways to ensure your space avoids becoming dim and depressing. 

For some helpful hints, fabulous examples, and stylish tips, take a look below, and let the sunshine into your domicile with style and aesthetic flair.

Skylight ceiling

Vauxhall House TLA Studio
TLA Studio

Vauxhall House

TLA Studio

What better way to incorporate a little light and sun into your space, than with a skylight? This glass panel is more of a ceiling than a skylight, and provides a huge volume of natural light during the daytime. Smartly located below this ceiling of glass, the kitchen receives ample illumination, and is designed in a white colour scheme to reflect the light that enters the space, further increasing the brightness and cheeriness of the space. Consult a professional, and get some ideas to transform your dull and dreary space into something bright, light, and airy.

Glass walls

This stylish space is a brilliant example of a new extension that maximises natural light, and gives a sense of openness and airiness. A contemporary construction for a heritage home, this conservatory/living space effortlessly evokes a connection with the outside environment, while protecting its occupants from the elements. A perfect place to relax and take in some of the sun’s rays during winter and summer, this area is simple, modest, yet unbelievably luxurious. Walls of glass offer uninterrupted views of the garden and surrounding landscape, while the high ceiling is a bright white, and dotted with downlights to provide illumination during the evening.

Light from above

This bedroom benefits from a strip skylight that effortlessly provides the space with the natural light it deserves. Bedrooms and skylights are often tricky to combine. If the skylight is not designed correctly, the bedroom can be too bright, resulting in interrupted sleep. If the room is not bright enough, or has no windows, it can quickly feel cramped and closed-in. This skylight is wonderfully simple, and able to provide just the right amount of illumination, whilst offering a view above into the trees and expansive sky beyond.

The lower-ground room

Refurbishment project West Sussex At No 19 Minimalist media room
At No 19

Refurbishment project West Sussex

At No 19

Often with a room that is extremely open plan; it can be extremely difficult to bring natural light into the space, without compromising cosiness. Without the natural light, even cinema and media rooms can become dank, and damp, plus extremely dark and uninviting. Too much light at night, and the space is not suitable for watching movies. This room has a solution: a full height glazed panel. This panel fills the area with natural light from the garden area. With the addition of light into this space it is able to be a family room in the daytime, and a cosy film watching space at night. The large floor to ceiling heavy curtains cover the sliding doors, and ensures a warmth and snugness when needed.

The light well

What better way to bring natural light into a home, than with the addition of a light well? This stylish light solution is a brilliant way to get natural illumination to spaces that are perhaps located in the centre of a home, or on a lower ground level. This example illustrates a light well that also acts as a sort of outdoor courtyard, with fresh air, and seating to enjoy the cool breeze. As light is minimal in this studio house, the light well is imperative to ensuring the dwelling feels open and not claustrophobic or cloistered.

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How do you bring natural light into your home? Let us know below!

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