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5 small space furnishing ideas

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Small or awkward spaces are generally the most difficult when it comes to decorating and furnishing your home. Most of us have one in our home—a peculiar alcove, an uncooperative corner space, and more often than not, we find it tricky to design and decorate them. These days with the rise in house and land prices, we inhabit smaller apartments and flats, and undoubtedly with that comes a need to furnish cleverly and practically. 

Today on homify we are taking a look at some homes that make the most of their space, utilise smart colour schemes, and embrace minute areas. Take a gander at the following stylish examples and get some inspiration for your compact and small domestic space.

Clever corners

In this image we see a wonderful use of a small and minute space that has been utilised to create a cleansing chamber of relaxation and rest. This smartly designed home was formally an office used to sell apartments, and consequently the Estate Office remained empty for 10 years before the owners decided to renovate and refurbish it. While the property had unusually spacious elements, it also had several areas that were tight and difficult, which is where the architects have managed to create comfortable nooks for serene inner city living. This room is perfect for sitting back and reading a book, gathering with some friends, or simply meditating. Coupled with a stylish statement light, this room is fabulously individual and a wonderful example of smart compact design.

Encompassing everything

Although this kitchen space may not look small, the ceilings are quite low, as it is an extremely old property. Working with low ceilings can be tricky, you will want to ensure you paint them a bright colour such as white, and if you have timber beams that you want exposed, make sure the rest of the room shares a similar light décor.

Making the most of space

Making the most of a cramped and small space is often the key to ensuring your home maximises its liveability, and avoids wasting any little nooks that could be useful. This example from Donald Architecture is a great demonstration of how to fit accessories in spaces they would not necessarily corresponded well with. This bath is set between two walls, and the shower is adjacent. This area seems extremely luxurious, and is a wonderful illustration of how to utilise space within a home.

Multi-purpose rooms

This multi-purpose room is a great example of how to furnish a tiny space without it becoming impractical or unliveable. Illustrated here is a small room that has employed smart joinery to ensure the area is easy to use and guarantee the furniture does not impose upon the space. Now, these aren’t the typically ugly 'fold-up' beds you may have seen from the 70s, this is an ultra-modern piece of construction that utilises state of the art hinges and technology. Also incorporated into this room is a workspace, which effortlessly folds up into the wall when not needed. The benefit of using foldable furniture is that it is always able to be removed when not in use, unlike traditional furniture which takes up a large amount of space.

The white colour scheme

Canary Wharf Living Room Primrose Interiors Modern living room
Primrose Interiors

Canary Wharf Living Room

Primrose Interiors

Our apartments are becoming smaller and smaller, and with the cost of land and living on the rise, it seems that this trend will continue for some time. So what to do if you live in one of those small apartments with very little space?  This stunning flat from Primrose Interiors is a striking example of how you can decorate and design your home to ensure it feels as open as possible. Think neutral, bright colours. Choose whites, creams, and other light shades, to safeguard against the area feeling closed in or cloistered. Take a look at this example, the TV is flush with the wall, the furniture is also a neutral white colour scheme, and the coffee table is glass, ensuring it does not impose on the space.

Do you have any tips for decorating a small or compact space? Help out the homify community by putting your handy hints below.

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