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Neutral interiors: soothing, sumptuous, stylish, and the ideal colour scheme for a timeless domestic space. But where to start? With countless whites, off-whites, antique-whites, beiges and browns available, it can be tricky to know where to begin. Are you having trouble separating your ecru from your fawn? Getting your biscuit and your oatmeal confused? You needn’t worry, these are simply names for a range of different tones that all fall under the umbrella term of light brown or neutral. These days the volume of titles given to all manner of colours is ad nauseum, and quite frankly overwhelming. Forget your mushrooms, sands, straws and saddles, these names will not help when choosing a final scheme for your space.  The key is to choose a tone and stick to the same base pigments. Go with your instincts, and if you're seriously in doubt consult a professional for advice. 

For some inspiration and stylish examples that have managed to create gorgeous neutral interiors, take a look at the following and begin planning your domestic redecoration.

Overstuffed and sumptuous sofa

Atticus Sofa Loaf Living roomSofas & armchairs

Atticus Sofa


Many people believe that a neutral décor will create a sense of sterility, but conversely a muted colour palette often brings a sense of homeliness, warmth and liveability. Take this example, the overstuffed sofa from Loaf is a brilliant piece of utterly sumptuous furniture. The rug, although cream in tone, looks perfectly comfortable, and matches the casual and relaxed vibe of the space. This room looks perfect for some rest, relaxation and luxurious recreation.

Handmade ceramics

Storage Jar with Wooden Lid - Taupe Oggetto KitchenStorage

Storage Jar with Wooden Lid—Taupe


Handmade ceramics and artisan home décor is a wonderful way to make your space a little special. When we decorate our home we tend to accumulate a variety of mismatched items. It is time to put them away and redecorate. People are often surprised how many things they have accumulated over years of living in a home, and this can greatly affect the general aesthetic of the space, and often make it feel cluttered. Clear that clutter, and organise your ornaments, crockery, and kitchen items into a serviceable and functional order. Replace worn and unattractive pieces with new custom or bespoke ones, and this will ensure your space is interesting and individual.

A white and dreamy bedroom

Eos Feather Lights By Vita Cloudberry Living Living roomLighting
Cloudberry Living

Eos Feather Lights By Vita

Cloudberry Living

White is undoubtedly a brilliant colour for a bedroom, and although it may seem difficult to look after and not bright enough, it is actually an excellent choice. The range of white tones and hues is surprising as can be seen in this example above, surprisingly the room still has contrast and interest. Think statement light fitting with matching lamp, contrasting black side table, white bedhead, and white bed linen. All of these seemingly similar elements work wonderfully together to create a useable and simply lavish sleeping space.

The neutral living space

Living Room homify Modern living room

Living Room


Neutral living spaces are one of the most common areas of the home to utilise a muted colour scheme. This could be due in part to the effortlessness of a stylishly minimally coloured space, or perhaps the easy style that a neutral scheme imparts. Think light mushroom sofa in comfortable upholstered fabric, white and patterned throw cushions, lightly patterned curtains, polished timber floorboards, and white lampshades, for a space that is perfectly balanced and calm.

A tranquil nursery

'Prestige Principe' baby cot by Pali homify Nursery/kid's roomBeds & cribs Wood White

'Prestige Principe' baby cot by Pali


When you have a baby, one of the most important places for your little one will undoubtedly be the nursery. Consider a white and neutral colour scheme for this space as it will infuse a sense of tranquillity and peacefulness. Can’t get that baby to sleep? Try redecorating their bedroom to include plenty of muted tones and serene elements. This may not stop the restless crying, but once they drift off to sleep it will help to provide a peaceful rest.

Injecting contrast

When decorating with neutral tones it is also often important to remember to keep a little contrast within the space. Contrast adds interest, and ensures the space is not bland, but instead interesting and engaging. In this example we can see how a neutral upholstered bed with cream linen and white lampshade has managed to implement small interesting pieces which ensure it is engaging. The dark charcoal throw cushion breaks up the bed setting, and the olive green mid-century table injects a little pizzazz against the white wall.

Do you love or loathe neutral interiors? Start a conversation in the comments below.

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