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Contemporary ambience in a traditional setting

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PG Residence deDraft Ltd Scandinavian style kitchen
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Heritage homes are full to the brim with history, charisma, and charm. But how do you decorate a dwelling that is centuries old, with thoughtfully chosen, contemporary fittings and fixtures? Today on homify we are looking at stylishly presented abodes that baulk the traditional trend, and instead decorate with modernity and flair. These homes have class, sophistication, and a cohesive juxtaposition of the old with the new. 

Do you want to give your traditional and timeless home a revamp, refresh, or interior refurbishment? Take a peek at the following beautiful examples below and inject some fresh innovation into your domestic space.

The contemporary kitchen

PG Residence deDraft Ltd Scandinavian style kitchen
deDraft Ltd

PG Residence

deDraft Ltd

This traditional space from Dedraft blends a contemporary kitchen with a sense of seamlessness and effortless. In order for the modern kitchen to intermingle with ease, several extra features have been added into the space. The hardwood floors have been changed from their traditional stain and varnish to a light and bright whitewashed tone. This allows the grey kitchen to combine with the space easier and more subtly. In addition the kitchen is extremely minimal and evokes a fresh openness that works excellently with the white colour scheme.

A modern addition

This rear addition is a great example of how to blend the old with the new. The existing structure is visible on one side of the space, while the new gazed conservatory area brings a sense of modernity and contrasts the heritage of the original dwelling. In this example, the designers have chosen to keep the new extension completely contemporary and instead let it sit as a standout feature for the property. In addition, the rear door is one complete opening to keep visibility into the garden, and ensure the glazing is impressive and fresh.

Updating a classic

Within this classic home, there are many contemporary features that evoke an atmosphere of newness. The kitchen is completely refurbished and new, increasing the contemporary ambience and ensuring the area retains its historic vibe, but infused with a fresh and modern aesthetic. Clean lines create an area that embraces the best of both traditional aesthetics and contemporary convenience.

A barn transformation

Barn transformations often try to include contemporary elements with their traditional aesthetic. This is one such example that has managed to effortlessly integrate a modern ambience into a heritage dwelling. In this illustration we see the dining space. The architects have incorporated a white colour palette that blends and contrasts extremely well with the darker contrasting tones in the furniture. In addition, statement hanging pendant lights bring a metallic edge into the space, and match the shiny worktop in the adjacent kitchen.

The 5-star bathroom

St John's Wood, London Maxlight Minimalist bathroom

St John's Wood, London


When you think of 5-star living, this bathroom exudes all of the luxury and opulence you could possibly desire. Huge contemporary glass shower, double vanity with oversized basins, integrated lighting and large swathes of stone tiling all on a clean and fresh colour scheme. So it may be surprising to learn that this bathroom is within a heritage property. The architects have effortlessly created a space that evokes modernity and a contemporary vibe whilst the only things that would suggest an older dwelling are the shape and form of the room.

The all-white study

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London HollandGreen Eclectic style study/office

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London


Last on the list we have a study that has taken contemporary to the next level. This work space is contained within a classic Victorian villa, and updates the room with a bright white colour scheme, modern furnishings, and retro accessories. The ambience is very much one that feels updated and new. White painted timber floorboards keep the workspace feeling crisp, and traditional shutters keep the light in, whilst enhancing privacy.

How do you blend contemporary furniture into your heritage home? We’d love your tips and tricks in the comments below.

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