A cottage of two halves

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Titled The cottage of two halves, this home has two distinctly different faces. If that statement is a little confusing, let us elaborate. The street facing exterior represents an old store-front, whereas the back, reveals a quaint cottage style home. These faces are different not only in purpose, but in colour, materials, texture and even form. If you were perhaps thinking that this home was two-faced, this is certainly not the case. Remarkably, each face represents the architecture and design of the same era, yet in a totally different style. Curious to see what we mean? Take a look below…

Capturing the beauty of the home beyond the lens and through the below set of photographs is Forest Eyes Photography.

An unassuming exterior

The first image provides us with a view of the street face, and as we mentioned in the introduction, the front envelope is vastly different from that of what you will see at the back. The form of the property is simple; it is two storey and combined with a fairly uncomplicated pitched roof. If you take the time to look a little closer, the devil is in the detail, with the bricks being laid in such a way that a cross hatch pattern appears. 

Country style courtyard

From the rear, we are treated to a spectacularly different view. Resembling a more rustic style home, the back façade is different not only in materials and textures, but in shape and form, too. We get a real sense of quaint country living from this photo, through the neatly arranged pieces of wooden furniture to luscious wisteria creeper growing atop the brush fence. And we have to say, the little wooden door beckons us to peek inside..

A rustic style kitchen

We are greeted with a homely and cosy kitchen with particularly stunning design details on both the ceiling and walls. The exposed beams, rafters and wall panels really speak to viewer, emphasising the age and original purpose of the property. Though the kitchen benchtops and island are from a different era and have a glossier surface texture than their antiquated counterparts, the two styles link together to great effect. In the end, a kitchen that is light filled, representative of its era, and well-laid out, has been created.

An elegant cream living room

Into the classical styled living room, we see a melange of pale biscuit tones, cream, and white. The wooden pieces of furniture, as with the lounges, have a sturdy, stoic appearance. No detail or decoration has been spared, in turn, creating a space that feels elegant and welcoming at the same time.

Cottage charm

The first bedroom, located upstairs, has paid homage to the past and updated the beauty of the existing ceiling rafters and beams with a fresh lick of paint. Again, the colours evidenced in this space are serene and calming, with a touch of country glamour evidenced through the plaid bedspread and cupcake patterned pillows. Storage too, has been thought of here, with floor to ceiling cabinetry installed to house whatever possessions the owners desire.

Sweet dreams

Our last view unravels a second bedroom, with a colour palette and material quality that better matches the lounge room. Tones of gold, shades of pastel and heavy wooden furniture reign supreme in this charming bedroom space, making as feel as though we could just dive in and make ourselves right at home.

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Whitton Drive:  Terrace house by GK Architects Ltd

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