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The Sleek and Well-Presented Family Apartment

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Isabela Canaan Arquitetos e Associados Modern dining room
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How does one create an impressive and fashionable apartment or home? Is it the furnishings, the décor, the interior architecture, or perhaps even the layout and floorplan? The truth is, there are many different factors that contribute to the overall success of a stylish and sophisticated dwelling. From the smallest touches such as the kitchen or bathroom hardware, to the larger aspects such as joinery, colour scheme and furniture, each component must be carefully considered, and well-integrated. 

Today on homify we are privileged to take a tour inside a home that not only presents itself in a timeless and elegant fashion, but as a welcoming Brazilian residence replete with an abundance of sumptuous and plush accessories. Designed by Isabela Canaan at Arquitetos e Associados, this apartment is undeniably a notch above the rest, and a truly uniquely opulent experience. If you would like to gain a little inspiration for your next domestic makeover or refurbishment, check out the images and examples below. This unbelievably homely yet lavish dwelling is classy and refined, with a hint of eclecticism and character, evocative of a truly fabulous abode. 

A lavish lounge

You can tell a lot about an apartment from the living room. The living room is often the central hub of a home, a place for everyone to gather, get-together, and truly relax. It is essentially the heart of one’s abode and a great place to start our tour.

As we first enter this dwelling we are struck by the glamorous attention to detail, and eye catching adornments. The level of finish is of the highest quality, with sleek high gloss surfaces adding to the overall stylish aesthetic. The colour scheme is neutral, with grey the predominant hue. The furniture is well-designed, and thoughtfully composed within this rather spacious and luxurious space. From this vantage we are able to see the formal sitting and reading room, with the dining room to the right hand side, and the casual entertainment space in the background.

Open plan living spaces

Moving forward and into the television and dining space, the room is just as elegant and chic as previously seen. Firstly, the dining table is replete with an eclectic variation of chairs; upholstered, with colourful heritage styled pieces at the head and end of the sleek contemporary table. A chandelier delineates the eating area from the other open plan zones, and looks opulent and fancy.

Secondly, the television space is equally stylish. Perfectly set up for comfortable rest and relaxation, the area provides ample room to stretch out, or cosy up and watch a movie on the huge screen. Again the colour scheme is muted, with bright artwork in geometric shapes adding a sense of intrigue and eclecticism.

The well-illuminated entrance.

The entrance to the home is filled with lavish inclusions, and interesting pieces of lighting. Simple in its design, the hall features two drop-down pendant lights with additional hanging crystals that evoke running and glistening water. Furthermore, the wall-mounted light is affixed to the painted wall, and projects intricate shapes of light upon the other surrounding spaces.

The furniture is a little more daring than some pieces seen in the living and dining room. A trunk-like cabinet brings a sense of rich heritage and interest into the area, imparting class and an intrinsic historic ambience.

A sumptuous guest suite

Within the guest or second bedroom, we see a stylish space that beautifully utilises pastel hues to evoke a sense of restfulness. The room is ultra-comfortable, ensuring its occupant is well catered for, and offered a night of stylish sleep. You would undoubtedly wake up renewed and rested within this bedroom, with the large king bed providing the central focal point for the room. The bed has an extremely high profile above the floor, again adding that element of lavishness.

Additionally, there is a television, and built-in storage system that offers an area to store media equipment as well as clothing. The floor to ceiling drapes really add that extra element of luxury, ensuring this room feels like a 5-star experience.

An entertaining leisure space

To add to the extensive leisure space within this family sized apartment, we are next greeted by a striking dining space, with entertainment features. This room is adorned with plant life, and works brilliantly to create an area of style and refinement. 

There is a dining table for conference use, or simply a large dinner party. Additionally, we are given a glimpse of the wine fridge that effortlessly creates an area to store cherished bottles of wine.

A neat and sleek cooking space

Next up, we have the kitchen. Although we are only given a quick look at this area it is clear it is no less fashionable than the other areas of the home. The space is sleek, chic, and employs elegant gloss surfaces with a white colour scheme. Geometric in its design, the room is softened by interesting wall light, and a strip of dressing room-esque lights. 

Intriguing cultural bathroom area

Moving into the bathroom we see a different and highly original combination of design elements. The walls are tiled in a brown earthy hue, with marble employed as the vanity and sink. Symmetry is a feature, with twin wall-mounted statues watching over the space. The room is brilliantly engaging, with a lively, yet relaxing ambience. 

The fabulous master suite

Nearing the end of our tour of this well-presented family apartment, we step inside the master suite. Replete with an ensuite bathroom, and a host of other stylish features, this area of the dwelling is a sumptuous and elegantly designed room. 

Upon first glance, we are struck by the monochromatic colour scheme, but as one looks a little closer, it is clear this is a highly desirable design with a range of different stylistic choices and enhancements. Firstly the bed is a beautiful upholstered piece of furniture, with matching side tables and a feature wall behind itself. The feature wall is illuminated by recessed lighting, adding drama to the subtle and relaxing space. A set of two trunks sit at the end of the bed, and provide stylish storage, while offering an additional area to dress oneself, or a seat to rest. 

A cosy home office and workspace

Within the bedroom there is another gorgeous inclusion. The small workspace provides an effortless addition to the area, enhancing the space, and illuminating the range of opportunities and purposes within these sleeping quarters. The desk itself is simple, with bespoke joinery providing a practical and contemporary space. A single orchid adds colour, but it is the moulded timber chair that functions as the eye catching feature. 

We hope you enjoyed this fabulously elegant and extravagant home. If you would like to see another, we recommend: The Neutral Minimalist Apartment

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