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One thing is really important after a long day at work and that's being able to relax and get the perfectly restorative night's sleep to recharge you for the next day. You guessed it; we're talking about selecting the perfect bed!

The bed bases themselves are incredibly important, as this is what supplies the support and structure of the furniture itself, but add to this the right mattress and aesthetic considerations, such as headboards and all of a sudden, this is a difficult decision. 

The variety of bed styles on offer is fantastic, but don't feel overwhelmed or confused; simply take a look at our suggestions and see which you like best, then you can drift off into a blissful sleep knowing that you made a great choice.

1. With compartments

For book lovers, we don't think there could be any more perfect bed styles than this one from Rattania. Complete with stunning shelves in the base, it offers the best of every world, bringing comfort, style and practicality together in a beautiful and high-end harmony.

We love the seemingly rustic styling that gives way to luxury design and offers sleepy heads the choice between drifting off straight away or reaching down for a favourite book to enjoy a chapter or two before a good night's sleep. The only question is: how would you ever find the strength to get up in the morning? 

2. Elegance and style

A calm spot in a tumultuous sea, the mattress on this amazing wave bed looks like a plateau of restfulness and we would love the opportunity to lay down and enjoy some sleep! Just imagine the dreams you would most likely have!

A staggeringly different, daring and stunning piece of furniture, we like that the rest of the room has been kept relatively pared back, so as to really let it enjoy being the centre of attention and though the chandelier has made a valiant attempt to upstage it, the bed is clearly the star attraction.

3. For wood lovers

If in choosing your bed styles you look to have uniformity in material and shape, wood is one of the first options you should consider. Naturally, the material will have inflections and differences, but when taken in as a complete piece of furniture, it will look perfectly matched to corresponding items, as seen here with the bed and cupboard unit.

Wood lends itself to such marvellous shapes, styles and tones that if you can imagine it, you can probably create or commission it and we are always in love with the warm and earthy feel that it brings to interior design. 

4. Beautiful hanging bed

Bed styles with a difference can also be exceptionally functional and we think the potential this eye-catching hanging bed offers for increased floor space and quirky design is fantastic! Just imagine walking into the room, not seeing the bed, then looking up and there it is!

For spaces that are diminutive, to be polite, clever design is essential, otherwise living quarters can feel too claustrophobic and cramped. We love the idea of a suspended bed and think that every night would feel like a magic carpet ride! Just don't be tempted to emulate this if you are afraid of heights!

5. A single bed that can accommodate more

Not everybody needs or wants a double bed, but it's always handy to have the option of accommodating unexpected guests, so we like this single bed, with a pull out addition, immensely! Ideal for a child's bedroom or even a guest room, the easy doubling of capacity makes for a space saving initiative that is hard to compete with.

The really great thing about this design is that when not in use, bed styles such as this will take up far less room than an unused double, making your home feel larger!

6. Fully upholstered and adjustable

Is it just us, or do you find that regardless of what mattress you buy, you are never quite 100% as comfortable as you want to be? You always feel like a small angle adjustment or tweak would really help to let you drift off into the perfect sleep, right? Well that would not be a concern with bed styles this fabulous!

Fully adjustable and upholstered in a tactile suede effect material, this bed has all bases covered and each side can even be adjusted independently of the other. If you need some leg adjustment, you can do so without disturbing your partner, making for a happy relationship AND a restful sleep. Perfect!

7. With a hidden wardrobe

You know how much we love a space-saving initiative and the more subtle and ingenious they are, the better! This bed is exactly what we are talking about, with its amazing lift up mattress that reveals a hidden wealth of space. Just imagine how much spare bed linen you could get under there, as well as towels, unseasonal clothing and bulky items that spill out of your wardrobe!

The ideal location for storing things that you don't want on display, we love this clever bedroom addition that hasn't negated any style points for practicality. Just look at that monogrammed headboard!

8. The ultimate floating bed

Luxurious, unique and eye-catching. These are just three ways to describe this incredible floating bed that is suspended by an adjustable pulley system. Almost industrial in style, we love the drama and passion that has been evoked in this room thanks the bed and a perfectly chosen colour scheme of red and black. Just be sure that you aren't prone to sea sickness, or rolling over in your sleep might prove a little hazardous!

For more stunning bedroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Living It Up! A Bed To Suit Every Taste.

Are you in the market for something a little more unusual for your bedroom? Tell us which of these designs you liked the most!

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