7 powerful reasons to choose a minimalist décor scheme

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The minimalist style is based on the concept that 'less is more'. It has become exceedingly popular in modern times, with the use of clean lines and intense colours effortlessly reflecting the energy and passion that those who instigate it feel for interior design. It is perfect for people who strive for a very orderly life style and those who like elegance and sophistication and though it is sometimes combined with other styles to create a more warm and cosy ambience, generally these additions are reflected in natural decorative elements so small they do not occupy much space in the room or overshadow the original style.

If you are keen to find out more or are open minded to the possibility of embracing a more minimalist style, read on to see why we think it is such a beautiful and fantastic way to decorate your home.

1. The comfort factor

You would be forgiven for thinking that minimalist decor is all about bright white, harsh lines and nothing fluffy or warm, but this is an outdated overview of what is actually a wonderfully enticing design style. Filled with rich neutral colours, soft furnishings and simple, yet effective furniture, minimalist style is effortlessly chic and a delight to encounter.

If you don't believe us, take a look at this stunning bedroom, which has been created by 21 Arquitectos.  A mesmerising medley of coffee and cream tones, it looks warm, cosy and chic, but demonstrably uncluttered too.

2. Beneficial energy flow

Light colours and large light sources are a basic feature of minimalist style, so if you choose this decorative path, you can rest assured that your home will be a hub of positive energy and natural sunlight that radiates out a positive force and ethos every time you walk into it. We're really not joking! 

The more light you can have access to, the better your mindset will naturally be and you'd be surprised what a huge impact a light and airy design scheme can have. We like to include daylight-style bulbs in our indoor lights, just to get the full benefit of light therapy!

3. Ordered aesthetics

The minimalist style of decor is perfect for lovers of order as it naturally prevents a build up of mess or untidiness, because without hesitation, minimalist style seeks out sleek furniture that offers storage solutions that won't detract from the uncluttered wider space.

We love this minimalist kitchen, complete with bags of clever storage space, that you simply cannot see. The bright white flush-finished cabinets give absolutely no hint as to the amount of space available and yet we know there must be plenty of it, as there is no clutter laying around. Perfect!

4. Less really can be more

Minimalist style is defined by creating relaxed and elegant atmospheres in every room of the house, which means you will not need to have too many ornaments, a glut of furniture or excessive accessories. Rather, you will seek to install only what you need and what adds to the peaceful vibe of the room.

Being a little more thrifty with your accessories means you will naturally embrace better space management and your home will look larger, a bonus that few people consider, but one that we think makes minimalist style even more appealing.

5. The space will feel fresher

When you have a lot of clear surfaces and glass in your home, cleanliness is a necessity  that cannot be overlooked. Even the smallest stain can corrupt the neatness of your space, but when you opt for a minimalist style, you will find that you naturally become more proactive about your housekeeping.

You may think that upping your cleaning regime is a downside to choosing minimalism, but don't think of it that way. If anything, cleaning will be far easier and quicker, given that you will have fewer ornaments and belongings to attend to!

6. Guaranteed elegance

As we said, 'less is more' is the phrase of choice for people who enjoy a minimalist style of home decor but something that organically pairs with a lack of clutter is undeniable elegance and sophistication. By removing the temptation to fill your home with clutter, you effectively leave room for a more mature and refined style to develop and we love it.

This bathroom is glorious in its understated styling, with nothing extraneous left on show, no bulky storage and nothing that isn't chic and classic in place. The concrete paired with dark tiles and a wood effect makes light work of injecting timeless sophistication into this tiny space.

7. Put it into practice

Now that you know the advantages of minimalist style interior design and you know it's perfect for all kinds of homes and rooms, we just know that you will be keen to inject some simple glamour and elegance into your yours. Remember that it's not just about white walls and empty spaces; the trick is to create an unfussy, yet inviting and comfortable environment that is stunning because of its simplicity.

For more minimalist inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 7 Reasons Why We Love Minimalism.

Are you a convert to the minimalist way of thinking? Let us know your thoughts!

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