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Kitchens, like many other things in life, age over time—in order to keep your cooking space up-to-date and stylishly relevant, it is important to ensure it is as functional as possible. Without resorting to a full-blown renovation and remodel, it is possible to retrofit your kitchen with modern fixtures and fittings that will ensure it remains efficient and serviceable. Modernize your life with cupboard inserts, new shelving, fresh tapware, or perhaps a new sink, for a cooking space that not only looks fabulously fresh, but also works usefully and capably. 

Check out homify’s great examples below, and inject a little contemporary style into your kitchen today.

Funky shelving

Mighty Plate rack The Plate Rack KitchenCabinets & shelves
The Plate Rack

Mighty Plate rack

The Plate Rack

If shelving is a problem in your kitchen but you don’t want to break the bank with a whole new set of custom joinery, consider a shelf such as the one shown in this example. Perfect for storing all manner of necessary kitchen appurtenances, this shelf not only works extremely well, but brings a modern industrial ambience into the space. Think shiny stainless steel shelving, matched with a simple white tiled splashback and pastel crockery.

Pull out pantry drawers

If you kitchen is missing a pantry, or perhaps your food storage cupboards are set in a difficult to reach location, you should consider a pull out pantry style drawer. This wonderful design from Treyone ensures you are able to reach every can, container and jar, whilst keeping the space clean and organised.

Redesigned cupboards

Hillcrest, De Rosee Sa De Rosee Sa KitchenStorage
De Rosee Sa


De Rosee Sa

As our kitchens age, so do to the interiors of our joinery and cabinetry. Undoubtedly over the years the insides of cupboards get old, and become less practical and disorganised. If you aren’t able to remove the kitchen joinery and start again, consider redesigning the inside of these spaces. You can easily initiate a DIY home project and reinvigorate the insides of your cupboards quickly and stylishly. If you have a simple set up of shelves, you might consider removing the top 4 to 5 shelves, and installing a mirrored backing to the space, as shown in the example. By doing this you will create a larger space for appliances, and an attractively practical area in your kitchen.

A hidden wine bar

Mini bar disguised in White Gloss cupboards Kitchencraft Modern kitchen

Mini bar disguised in White Gloss cupboards


Retrofitting a wine bar, or a bar fridge into your home can be an excellent way to increase the modernity of your kitchen space, whilst providing some much needed space for drinks. Whether you decide to install a bar fridge to keep drinks cold, or a wine fridge to store your cherished bottles of plonk, you are sure to increase the efficiency and appeal of your domestic cooking space.

New tapware

Tapware is one of those kitchen fittings that unfortunately ages quite easily. If you are looking for a quick way to infuse some freshness into your home, consider replacing the tapware. If you kitchen has a set of unfortunately out-dated flick mixers, or inefficient taps, take a look at this example, and think of installing some fresh, shiny chrome fittings that are sure to evoke a sense of newness and style into your space. Heritage styled fittings and taps are always a timeless option due to their age-defying style and quality.

End poky side cupboards

Corner space storage ideas to easily reach everything Kitchencraft Modern kitchen

Corner space storage ideas to easily reach everything


Poky side cupboards are one of the worst things about an old kitchen space. Countless pots, pans, Tupperware lids, and other accessories get lost and disorganised in an awkward side cupboard that is dark and inefficient. Retrofit your space with some pull out shelves that are sure to organise your corner cabinets and provide an easy way to see everything, and keep it within reach.

A statement sink

Happiest when the skies are blue, Alaris London Ltd Alaris London Ltd KitchenCabinets & shelves
Alaris London Ltd

Happiest when the skies are blue

Alaris London Ltd

Sinks age over time and become unsightly, and often inefficient. If you want to create a new vibe within your space, retrofit your kitchen with a new and updated sink. This butler style sink is a great example of an older heritage style fixture that acts timelessly and stylishly within a cooking space. Not only does it look fabulous, but offers a deep and efficient washing spot for your kitchen. Generally a new sink can be easily fitted into your existing worktop, but you may need to seek the assistance of a professional for peace of mind, and a effortless job.

How do you bring your kitchen into the 21st century? Let us know your helpful hints below.

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