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Believe it or not, pallet furniture has become one of the biggest trends in recent times. Paletts are inexpensive and easy to obtain, and can be used to create a huge array of furniture and decorative items. As people look more and more towards eco-conscious living, and look to go against the grain of a consumerist lifestyle, an item as simple as a palett used for shipping can now become a much loved piece of furniture for your home. From beds, couches, coffee tables, outdoor settings and everything in between, building palett furniture is the perfect weekend project for any budding DIY furniture enthusiast. With a little imagination and creativity, you too can turn something as basic and mundane as a palett into a piece of furniture that is beautiful, practical, and original. Best of all, it will cost you next to nothing. For a little inspiration for building furniture out of paletts, check out these examples of palett furniture for your home.

Cosy outdoor setting

Be it for a modern, rustic, country, eclectic home or anything in between, the introduction of paletts can always add a little charm and character to a space. These euro paletts have been given a completely new lease on life, dismantled and put back together to create a cheap and delightful corner of the terrace that is sure to be the talking point of this home.

Built by a professional

With a name like Pallett Furniture UK, you know this company are the masters of turning a basic palett into a charming piece of furniture for the home. If the task of turning a palett into a sturdy and long lasting piece for your house or outdoor space seems like a task beyond your reach, companies like Palett Furniture UK exist to help bring your ideas to life. Enlisting the help of a professional will ensure your palett furniture will remain durable for years to come, and still at the fraction of the cost of buying showroom furniture. As you can see, it looks even better!

Easy DIY

Not only can paletts become practical furniture pieces, but they can also become fun and easy to make decorative pieces such as this unique shelving unit. All it took was sawing the palett in half, and turning it upside down to use the underside as the shelves. Easy as that. With a little sanding and a fresh coat of dark lacquer it is hard to even tell this was ever a palett at all.

Small pallet coffee table

This once uncomplicated euro palett has lovingly become a small coffee table that would make for a fun and rewarding weekend DIY project. Wheels keep the table flexible and raised off the ground, and even a small drawer has been added for neat storage in what was once nothing more than a mundane shipping palett.


Garden corner unit and table Pallet furniture uk Garden Furniture
Pallet furniture uk

Garden corner unit and table

Pallet furniture uk

Without knowing, it would be hard to tell that this spacious outdoor dining set was once nothing more than a stack of simple, unassuming paletts. Outdoor dining sets of this size don't come cheap, so if you want to save money whilst creating something a little different, paletts may be the answer. 

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What would be the first piece of pallet furniture you would make for a DIY project? A couch? Maybe a coffee table? Let us know below!

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