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There are many rural property owners in the UK and across Europe facing a very important question of what to do with their old barns. These old buildings were once the backbone of their farming life, however, many are no longer getting the use they once had and are beginning to feel their age. Some choose to leave them to rot, some find other uses for them, while others are a little more adventurous and decide to convert them into new homes. The project we're exploring today is one of these examples.  

Brimming with fun and exciting design details is this beautiful newly converted barn home from rural Netherlands. Inspired by chalet style homes, it's hard not to be charmed by the inventive flair displayed by Bongers Architecten who oversaw the project. Get all the details by scrolling down! 

Old meets new

It would be very difficult to tell that this building was once a barn, but it's true. Only a couple of years ago the barn was used to house farming equipment and grain for animals. Today the building has been completely reconfigured to become a family home. 

The new homes façade appears much like a traditional chalet style home found in the region, though the exterior includes particular modern features that helps differentiate itself from its neighbours.  The desired chalet style was achieved by undertaking many major alterations to the barns original structure, but thankfully much of the barns intact heritage features were salvaged and used inside. 

An open façade

Before we enter, let's take a look at the home from the rear perspective. This side of the home appears as a very open and transparent face due to the façade being comprised of glass sheets. Only the brick chimney breaks up the transparency of the wall of glazing. 

The garden has been given a full makeover with fresh turf rolled out and plantings all along the borders of the property. Over time the plants will grow tall and wide giving the garden the desired natural look, as well as providing the owners with much needed privacy. 

Plenty of space to work with

Inside, we can begin to appreciate the unique style and layout of the barn home. The ground floor is comprised of all the communal spaces, while the upstairs accommodates the family's bedrooms. Subtle distinctions between the various zones are made by the placement of the furniture and certain in-built features. Though it’s one holistic space, each zone in the home appears and feels as it should. 

Take a look in particular at the kitchen working space where there was no expense spared with top of the line appliances being chosen for the passionate home chef. Here, there's an abundance of working space with two separate bench areas able to be utilised. 

Huge dimensions

Further inside, the homes open plan living continues to become grander, yet the space somehow remains perfectly cosy thanks to the choice and placement of furniture. Notice that the furniture choice reflects both modern and Scandinavian influences. We love how the monochrome scheme gives the space height and further contribute to a sense of openness which was established by the double height windows and bi-folding doors. 

A sustainable build

Though undoubtedly traditionally inspired, there are indications that there’s more to this home than meets the eye, with significant eco-friendly features have been incorporated into the design of the home. Most notably is the timber panelling being made from reclaimed timber. 

Nature on display

The original solid timber columns and the newly installed glazings help define the appearance of the living room. The expansive wall of glass captures lovely views of the garden outside for those relaxing inside to sit and admire. 

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Did you like this barn's mix of rustic charm and modern style? Let us know your thoughts!

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