6 tricks to keep your home fresh and clean—always!

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The battle to keep a clean and tidy home can be one that feels never-ending or doomed to failure, but we're here today to make sure that doesn't happen to you! It's actually a lot simpler to maintain a fresh and hygienic home than you might think, as the key is to have a few systems in place that will minimise the work you actually have to do. 

Just ask any professional cleaner and they'll tell you that dirt prevention is key to an easy to manage home and today, we're going to prove it to you! If you're ready to have your cleaning load significantly reduced, then read on!

1. Take your shoes off at the door.

Upper Park, Loughton, Boscolo Boscolo Windows & doorsDoors

Upper Park, Loughton


It's such a simple step, but so few of us actually do this! Take your shoes off at your front door and pop them into a cupboard and your floors will stay clean for so much longer. If your shoes are really dirty, give them a good beating outside the rear door and leave them to air a little before you stow them away.

2. Have a designated space for everything.

If everything you own has a home, you will be far more likely to make sure that they are put back there! Have a closet just for outdoor coats and shoes, have handy accessory drawers in your closet and always try to encourage the rest of the household to have their own places for things too! It's a team effort!

3. Ventilate the bathroom well.

Bathrooms are prone to moisture and nasty smells, so whenever you are at home, why not just crack the bathroom window open a little bit and let plenty of fresh air in? It'll help moisture to escape and will leave the space smelling so much more pleasant!

4. Clean as you cook.

Messy cooks mean dirty kitchens, as there are always peelings or wrappers that you forget to pop in the bin! Prevent this by getting in the habit of cleaning as you cook, so that when you meal is ready to serve, you have a freshly wiped counter to serve on and no mess to tackle after you've eaten!

5. Organise your wardrobe.

One of the messiest areas in your home will always be your bedroom, usually because you have to hunt for something to wear in the mornings and if you;re running late, nothing gets folded or put away! Counteract this issue by having a really organised wardrobe, with separate areas for work clothes and recreational garments, proper accessory storage drawers and even show racks. Trust us, you'll never bemoan a messy bedroom again! Unless you have teenagers in the house!

6. Store dirty washing more effectively.

If you simple have a 'pile' where you throw your dirty washing, it will be impacting on the smell of your home and how tidy it looks. Invest in a few laundry baskets, so that everyone can have their own, and you'll quickly find that washing won't be piled up everywhere or getting in the way. You can even add some scented sachets to them as well, to balance the odours out!

For more handy organisational tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Wardrobe organisation made simple.

Can you see these simple steps making a big impact on your home's organisation?

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