12 homes with utterly ingenious storage solutions

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We don't think it's groundbreaking news that every home needs a full compliment of clever storage solutions that contribute to a tidy, organised and easy-to-use living space, but do you know what you can try in your house? 

Bookshelves aren't anything new, but there are so many brilliant ways to add extra storage to every room in the home, from living rooms through to kitchens and we've found a few of our favourites to show you today. 

The interior designers that selected these fantastic solutions were clearly at the top of their game and once you see these ideas, you will be too! Let's take a look!

1. Hanging pan racks.

For a seamless finish in the kitchen, without too many cupboards cluttering up the look, this home went for a clever ceiling pan rack! It looks so rustic and chic too!

2. Up in the loft.

A loft conversion is a fantastic way to take advantage of a practical portion of space and we think that with custom carpentry, a walk-in wardrobe is a super idea that will leave your bedroom so much clearer.

3. You CAN hide things under your bed.

Forget what your mum always told you and start seeing your bed as storage potential!  The drawers here are ideal for stashing bulky bed linen in.

4. Built-in for books.

Bookcases are a staple in terms of home storage, but this version, which is built-in, takes advantage of the wall space, without swallowing up too much floor space, which makes it ideal for smaller homes. Using the corner is inspired!

5. Cool for kids.

Think about who makes the most mess in your home and you'll realise it's probably your kids, so anything you can do to organise them is worth trying! This incredible multifunctional bed is a brilliant storage solution and the kids can have a little autonomy over the tidiness of their room!

6. Stow those shoes.

Wow, shoes sure do take up a lot of room in a house, but if you account for them on their own, you can free up so much more valuable space. The idea of a glass-fronted, showy storage case has really inspired us… to but even more shoes!

7. Staircase space!

Now this is inspired! making great use of all that potentially wasted space next to the staircase as a wine rack is brilliant! The clay pipe design is beautiful and really taps into the upcycled trend as well.

8. When space is tight.

You can find clever storage solutions to suit your home, regardless of size, if you think a little outside the box and in the case of really small homes, your walls might be all the resources you need! Get some hooks up on them and revel in how much less clutter you have on the floor!

9. No sleepless nights.

There's a wealth of wasted space above your bed, if you don't already have a shelving system in place as your headboard! A perfect spot for some books, pictures and even atmospheric lamps, it's got to be worth thinking about!

10. Storage inception!

How about storing some extra storage, in your existing storage systems? It all sounds like a Hollywood film plot, but extra organisational drawers, with cut-outs for accessories, will really up your organisational game!

11. Floating on a cloud.

This bathroom is fantastic! Not huge in size, it's made great use of a floating vanity cupboard to offer all the storage needed, but without interrupting the floor space. Even a minuscule space could include something like this and you'd never need ot have your toilet rolls out on show again!

12. Look for the narrow margins.

Countryside Retreat - Living Space Lisa Melvin Design KitchenCabinets & shelves
Lisa Melvin Design

Countryside Retreat—Living Space

Lisa Melvin Design

Did you know that even a gap of a mere 20cm can become one of the handiest storage systems that you'll ever have? It really can, as that's how wide pull-out kitchen larder shelves generally are! Just look at how much you can get in them and don't forget, you don't have to only use them in your kitchen.

For some extra clever storage tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Clever storage ideas for smaller homes.

Which of these ideas do you like best?

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