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homify Modern style bedroom
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Just because your bedroom is used for sleeping (amongst other things) does not mean you can get away with just a bland bed and a sad-looking table. After all, is there any better way to begin (and end) each day than with a super stylish bedroom that makes you feel welcome, cosy, comfortable, inspired and important?

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to style up a bedroom, and we have picked 12 of the most popular design tricks.

So, refill that cup of tea, sit back and see how a few simple ideas (from wall art to coloured cushions) can style up your bedroom – and your life!

1. Beat the bland look

Folk Pixers Country style bedroom Multicolored

Your bedroom is about you, right? So why would you settle for blank walls in a space where you can show off your personal style? 

Hanging a funky graphic is a quick way to solve the “big blank wall” issue, but luckily your options involve significantly more than scoping out what’s on sale in the stores. PIXERS make life so much easier thanks to PIXERStick Wall Murals, which makes use of a self-adhesive material that can stick (and re-stick) to any flat surface. 

Choose from PIXERS’ vast range of images online (or upload your own), print it to your desired size, and watch that bedroom wall go from bland to brilliant!

2. Don’t neglect your art pieces

Let's Surf Pixers Eclectic style bedroom Multicolored

Let's Surf


If hanging up art pieces is more your style, then PIXERS is once again ripe and ready by treating you to a wide range of options, from canvas prints and aluminium pieces to standard posters and acrylic prints. 

Whatever look or theme your bedroom desires (nautical, 3D art, bright colours, personalised prints of friend and family… ), allow PIXERS to personalise your wall prints instantly and easily.

3. Pile on the pillows

Fulham Penthouse Yohan May Design Modern style bedroom
Yohan May Design

Fulham Penthouse

Yohan May Design

Nothing says “cushy” like a bed with some soft pillows and scatter cushions. Pile on a few pillows and don’t be scared of mixing patterns (i.e. large prints with small ones, florals with geometrics).

homify hint: How many pillows? There should be enough so that your bed looks cosy and inviting when properly made, yet not so many that it takes you 10 minutes just to get all those cushions off. The right number is usually between two and six, depending on the size of your bed.

4. Add a personal touch

Parisian style Pixers Classic style bedroom Beige

Parisian style


Whether it’s a headboard made from recycled wooden pallets or a vase you made in pottery class, include something that’s unique to you and your style (like those personalised prints you had PIXERS print out for you!).

5. Keep scale in mind

cs Minimalist balcony, veranda & terrace

You’re never going to wake up feeling refreshed if it feels like your bedroom is shrinking. Gauge the size of your bedside lamp and -table by the scale of your bed, and make sure there’s adequate legroom around your bed – or at least enough for you to get in and out properly.

Need an interior designer? How about a painter or floorer? Our list of professionals can help you out…

6. Play with contrast

If patterns and bold colours aren’t your thing, yet you still want to style up a bedroom that says “oh, wow”, consider dark walls.

Hues like ebony and charcoal have been popping up in bedrooms more and more, mostly paired up with bright white touches in the form of furniture and décor. The result? An urbane look that’s cool and confident. 

homify hint: White lampshades can look quite sculptural against a black backdrop. But when it comes to rugs and bedding, consider pieces that include a bit of those dark wall hues to tie the look together.

7. Consider an unconventional layout

Who said you had to copy verbatim what you see online? Placing your bed diagonally, for example, might be your ideal layout. 

Just ensure the end result doesn’t gobble up too much needed space.

8. Go for colour continuity

No need to copy the entire rainbow – a tight palette with just two colours (typically a neutral and an accent tone) can help you style up your sleeping space without getting overwhelmed. 

If your walls have an accent colour, then go neutral for the headboard. And what about the window treatments? Match them with the walls and you’re done! Bedside lighting? Seek out lamps in either your accent colour or your neutral to balance out the end result.

9. Add a place to sit (that’s not on your bed)

Tuck a chair (like a stylish wingback or a quirky tub chair) into a corner seat for an instant resting spot. A comfy seating space will serve you well when catching up on some reading, putting on shoes, checking your email, etc.

10. Add in a rug

Nothing ruins a happy morning like stepping onto a cold, hard floor. Do yourself (and your feet) a favour and lay down a cushy rug (which means more potential in terms of colour and pattern). 

It's a great way to start every morning!

11. A well-stocked nightstand

Master Bedroom Clean Design Modern style bedroom
Clean Design

Master Bedroom

Clean Design

A table lamp, a glass of water, a book… The elements we place on a bedside table will differ depending on our styles and needs. 

But don't just look at design magazines (and homify images) when stocking yours—the more characteristic and you it feels, the better it will work and the more it will be a testament to your personal style.

12. Have a heavenly headboard

Kid's Bedroom Clean Design Modern style bedroom
Clean Design

Kid's Bedroom

Clean Design

A wall is not a headboard! An eye-catching piece can definitely act as a prime focal point for a master bedroom, and we have so many options to play with.

Solid bold-colour headboards look great in shapely styles with fun detailing, such as button tufting. A patterned headboard works in either unique or simple shapes. 

If your bed is where you want the attention to be, start with your headboard and work your way down to let it inspire the other pieces in the room. 

Want some headboard ideas? See these 15 headboards you'd absolutely love for your bedroom.

Which of these bedroom style-up ideas will you be using?

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