Top 10—The Most Beautiful Small Family Homes in the UK

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It's Saturday and by now we hope you know that means another fantastic Top 10 list! Having covered some of the regional greatness from around the country, we are now turning our attention to great things in slightly smaller packages; we're talking about beautiful small family homes!

Whether a home has an added extension that is being used as an open plan space, or seeks to make every room just that bit more child-friendly, we are looking for small properties with a big persona and a style gravitas far larger than their footprint.

Take a look at our selections and see if you agree with us!

10. Two-Bedroom Wee House, Caithness

We love the one-bedroom Wee House, but there was no way we could ignore this fabulous two-bedroom version. Especially when it is situated in such a stunning and dramatic location! This could almost be a postcard or a book cover, it looks that fantastic!

A small, but perfectly formed family home, we think this is a great advocate for the 'less is more' way of thinking. While this plot may have leant itself to something far larger and grander, we absolutely love the simplicity of the white render and slate roof, all on a modest scale.

9. Bourne Lane Eco-House, Kent

Here we have a fantastic and eye-catching eco-house, from the talented team at Nash Baker Architects. It was originally designed to be a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Kentish barn style of home, complete with characteristic black timber cladding. 

Naturally, you won't have overlooked the fact that the structure is, let's say, an unusual shape. The bold structure, though certainly attention-grabbing, manages to settle into the surrounding landscape with consideration for the area’s local heritage in mind, thanks to the use of high quality, locally sourced materials.

8. Mews House

This is a bijou two-storey former mews house, found in amongst a cluster of locally Listed Victorian houses within a conservation area. Now that must have been a challenging location! The project was designed to enlarge the living, cooking and master bedroom spaces as a matter of priority, while always being mindful of the neighbouring properties.

Windows, in particular, have been chosen with care, so as to prevent from impacting on privacy and a modern roof style has made the perfect contrast to the far more traditional Victorian buildings that surround this lovely mews home.

6. Wee House, Ayrshire

What an amazing house! This one-bedroom Wee House may not instantly present itself as a family home, but for those on a serious budget, we know you could make this work. If students can live in a 10sqm pod for three years, we know that the living room in this house can be converted to make a lovely child's bedroom.

Super cute and fabulously reminiscent of traditional, much larger homes, we love that the scaling has worked to perfection here to create a house that is almost an optical illusion. Who knows, maybe it is actually a Tardis and feels a lot bigger on the inside!

7. Barn Conversion, Oxfordshire

This is one of our favourite rural houses as it once stood as a derelict barn in rural Oxfordshire, but has been transformed beyond all recognition into a dream family home. 

A rustic yet sophisticated house, this barn can be found in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, making the exterior design even more important. The challenge was to open up the internal spaces to create a modern interior whilst not losing the charm of the original building, but thanks to a sensitive touch and the use of heritage materials, we think the brief has been fulfilled and also, surpassed.

5. Camden House, London

When need overtakes practicality, architecture can get extremely interesting and there are few places in the UK where land is at such a premium as London. This is hardly news, we're sure, but what is interesting is how people are making the best possible use of any available slithers of land.

This family home is taking things to the next level, having filled a very narrow gap and built upwards, instead of outwards. It just goes to show, that when you need something, nature does provide and though the rooms are no doubt narrow, we are sure they feel wonderfully long and are decorated in such a way as to maximise the space.

4. Stay House, Cornwall

Stay was a sought-after site in Widemouth Bay that was once occupied by a detached garage. Having been rarely put to good use, it was decided that the garage could be demolished to allow for a new building that would serve as living space and bedroom accommodation.

According to the architects , The new building is split, forming a family room in one half and the other half forming two bedrooms, each with their own en suite bathroom. Internally the family room ceiling was left open to the roof, making it feel larger and open. We're sure the interior is charming, because the exterior is nothing short of stunning. Buildings really don't have to be colossal to make an impact!

3. Harefield Road, London

Harefield Road, Gruff Gruff Modern houses

A regular semi-detached house within the Brockley Conservation area in South East London, this family home was in dire need of more space and so added this fantastically unusual and beautiful extension. It has created a large open-plan kitchen / dining room area and offers easy access to the garden and we think it has added immensely to the aesthetics of the property itself.

The carefully chosen grey tone of the jutting roof section looks lovely with the dark glazing framework and all contrasted against the white, makes for a stunning small family home with a difference.

2. The Links, Whitley Bay

This 1930s semi-detached family home has had a huge overhaul on the inside, transforming it into the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles and features, but we love that the outside has been left rather understated.

With a brief in place to maximise the sea views, stunning bay windows with vertical glazing are making easy work of surpassing even the owner's expectations and the white render helps to keep this seaside home fresh and nautical in feel.

You can also see this home featured here: The Quintessential British Seaside Home.

1. Church Mews, Devon

We can't overlook some of the amazing new build projects that are happening around the UK, especially when they are taking the time to look far more surroundings-appropriate! The Church Mews housing development, featured here, can be found in North Devon and lies within a conservation area and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). With this in mind, small family homes have been created to exaggerate the location, rather than obliterate it and natural materials have played a huge role in the assimilation process. Though small, we love the proportions of this lovely home and think that the tones and materials make it stand out from many other new build projects.

For more family home inspiration, cast your eyes of this fantastic Ideabook: Homes For The Modern British Family. We think you'll be surprised!

Have any of our selections inspired you? Did we miss any of your favourites? Let us know!

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