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Trendy wall ideas you can copy!

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When you think about the elements in your home that have the biggest impacts, it makes perfect sense that your walls are top of the list. They are numerous, large and found in every room, otherwise, there would be no rooms!

Knowing what to do with your walls can be a bit tricky. Do you paint them, wallpaper, maybe expose the bricks that are under the plaster? It's a real minefield, but we think we have found some amazing ideas for you and best of all, they are all super simple and based around one technique; wall painting. Don't worry that you need to be an expert, we've got all levels of experience and knowledge covered, so grab a paintbrush and let's get creative!

Opt for a single colour

Let's start off nice and simple, with an idea that won't scare you off! Choosing a single colour to paint your walls is a great, classic and easy way to start your foray into wall painting and will instantly transform any room that you have a go at it in! The only really difficult part will be selecting the colour that you want to use, but this really is a matter of personal taste and can always be changed at a later date, if you decide you're not as keen as you once were. 

We love this dark and foreboding green/grey, used by Ociohogar, as it feels contemporary and classic, all at the same time.

Try your hand at stripes

Small room Madame Ant Minimalist walls & floors
Madame Ant

Small room

Madame Ant

We seem to have fallen down the rabbit hole with this idea, but you can't deny that this is one example of wall painting that won't leave your memory in a hurry! Just look at how dramatic and fun this is! Naturally, you might not want to use this theme in a large space, but in a small water closet, we really think this is a lot of fun!

For a more subtle take on stripes, chunky horizontal ones can look lovely, especially in neutral, soft tones such as light grey and white, while also helping to make the room feel wider and more expansive. To achieve this look, make sure you have a spirit level and plenty of masking tape to hand!

Go dotty for design

If stripes aren't your cup of tea, perhaps something a little more spotty will appeal to you? A lovely way to decorate a space to feel fun, lighthearted and pretty, we think embracing some polka dots in your wall painting activities will make for a really good giggle! It's not all fun and games though!

We think these pastel dots look as stylish as they do whimsical and playful and by adapting the colours and sizes, could make for a wonderful grown up decor style. Just imagine a crisp white room, with large French navy spots. Suddenly, spots don't seem as silly, do they?

Cut a path with chevrons

Now THIS is a bedroom that we would happily sleep in whatever age we were! Stripes and spots are fun, but have been seen quite regularly, while chevrons are something just a little bit different that really ups the style stakes, don't you think?

We know that these have been created with extra material, but the effect could be easily emulated just with wall painting and frankly, we love a challenge! If you were to add in the shadows, the effect could look almost as 3D as this one, but without the need to buy expensive accessories. Lovely!

Try your hand at colour blocking

If patterns and effects aren't what you're after and single wall colours fall a little flat for you, colour blocking could be your new decor best friend! Wall painting is simple enough, but selecting complementary colours is all a matter of style, taste and having a good eye, which we know you have if you are reading our articles!

We love this colour blocking that sees chunks of red and white interacting, but on a large scale. Neither colour is allowed to be the main attraction and instead, they work together to create an overall sense of vibrancy and exciting design. It's such an effective technique, that even bathrooms can be a style haven!

The writing's on the wall

We have one last suggestion for you, so hold onto your artist's beret… how about including some typography in your wall painting adventures? It's much easier than you think, so don't worry that you have to be an expert sign writer! Simply paint your wall with the base colour, then, using a projector, shine your writing template up onto the wall and trace it out. It's like a giant colouring book! The best part is that you can write whatever you like, but please, keep it polite!

For some helpful hints to create the perfect paint finish, take a look at this Ideabook: The Secrets Of Painting A Wall Evenly. We think you'll be an expert in no time if you follow our advice!

Are you feeling artistic now? Which idea has inspired you the most?

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