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A Farmhouse with a Hidden Secret

Caitlin Hughes Caitlin Hughes
La Falaise CCD Architects Rustic style houses
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As we approach this house, which is located on a cliff top overlooking the Petit Bot Valley in Guernsey, we're greeted by a traditional stone façade that looks like something out of a fairytale. Its walls seem to emanate history and it's as if this house has a story to tell.

The thatched roof, French windows bordered with grey stone, and the chimney from a bygone era all ooze traditional charm that makes it impossible not to fall in love with house straight away. Nestled into the landscape, this house known as 'La Falaise' boasts an unexpectedly modern extension, beautifully integrated into the grounds and housing a state-of-the-art-pool and gym!

Let's take a look at the incredible work of CCD Architects, who have totally transformed this unique home.

The exterior

The idyllic setting is matched by the well-maintained and undeniably charming façade. Everything about this home endears us and the yellow door built into the archway peaks our curiosity as to what might be waiting for us inside…

Hobbit hole

Looking like it belongs in The Shire, this entrance appears to be a tribute to the magical world created by Tolkien. The rugged stones and grassy knoll display a seemingly untouched pastoral beauty and the winding path up to the hidden door further reinforces the fairytale feeling that surrounds the home.

However, all is not as it seems! This quaint exterior is concealing something very different to what the entrance might suggest.

The pool house

Would you have expected this?! The glass and timber extension that houses the stunning pool is worlds apart from the Hobbit hole entrance we've just seen.

The design ensures the pool enjoys plenty of natural light and ventilation as well as beautiful views across the cliff. The patio, with two elegant dining sets, is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the morning sunshine after a few lengths.

The pool

Here we have a closer a look at the inviting and elegantly designed pool. The skylight above allows light to filter down and bounce off the surface of the water and the full length windows on every side create a connection to the natural landscape beyond the glass.

The design creates the feeling of being outdoors but the occupants don't have to rely on the weather to dictate when they use the pool—a win/win situation!

The living areas

rustic style has been employed throughout the living areas on the ground floor. Exposed wooden beams reveal the age of the property and this country style design, with timber floorboards and wooden furniture, is exactly what we would expect to find based on the exterior.

The warm tones of the wood, combined with the terracotta walls, make this space seem cosy and inviting, though the large windows to the rear guarantee that ample natural light can enter the rooms to avoid them feeling dark and crowded.

Traditional fireplace

This house boasts a number of period features that defines its integral character. The exposed brick wall surrounds a large fireplace with a traditional wood burner for keeping the room cosy on cold winter nights. There is even a small recess in the left side of the wall that is used for storing logs—how quaint!

Rustic charm

In this image we can see another wood burner, this time connected to the chimney flute and elevated on a raised stone platform.

The light green backdrop really makes the black wood burner stand out to ensure it remains the focus of the room. However, the exposed wooden beams are present again in this room and their rustic beauty also doesn't go unnoticed!

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Was the new addition to this home a welcome surprise? Did you have a favourite feature? Let us know in the comments...

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