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Old meets new in this charming Devon home

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We’re not saying that old and vintage houses don’t come with a certain appeal, because they do. However, the cute charm and distinctive character aren’t always enough to evolve into the perfect dream home, for old buildings usually present difficult layouts that aren’t too practical for the modern lifestyle of today – we’re talking about narrow rooms, small windows, no visual ‘flow’ between the spaces, etc. 

In the end, an energetic renovation is sometimes opted for, which is exactly what today’s homify 360° discovery is about: a small English cottage on the eastern boundary of Budleigh Salterton, within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that got treated to a modern makeover, yet still enjoys vintage throwbacks to its original look here and there.

Barc Architects are at the helm of this exciting project…

The exterior view: By day

The view from the garden at the back of the house shows how perfectly the makeover (or rather the ‘add-on’) has been completed. 

Exposed brick and roof tiles in a traditional style meet up with super modern cubes and lots of glass, and the end result is simply irresistible. And due to the fact that the extension only impacted the back of the house, it means the front side remains perfectly untouched.

The exterior view: By night

Extra space was not the only factor the homeowners/designers were going for – more air and light was also required, which is where the generous new windows and glass doors come in. 

And it’s only with this night-time shot that we really get to see just how fabulously those glass panes get to work to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.

A strong style

Although a majestic balcony isn’t the only new element being flaunted post-renovation, it is certainly one of the most striking. Just this image alone informs us perfectly about the modern (even slightly minimalist) style being added to the existing structure – sleek surfaces, strong lines, and soft, elegant hues all play their parts most fantastically.

The living room

Remember what we said about small windows earlier? Fortunately, the new touch-ups to this house have resulted in the living room being blessed with this wonderful view, thanks to those floor-to-ceiling glass doors. 

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The dining area

The natural light (and landscape views) that floods indoors also reaches the dining area, which shares in the open-plan layout with the living room. 

And look, another contrast: the interior style includes touches of ‘country’ and ‘ethnic’ to offset with the façade’s modern and traditional looks.

A most fantastic makeover indeed!

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Love it or loathe it – what do you think of this house’s new look?
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