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If one thing is guaranteed to inject your home with sophistication and contemporary chic, it's adopting an Oriental style.

With clean lines, bold colours and a natural affinity for natural materials all being key components of the look, taking inspiration from the east will make quick and easy work of transforming any home, but we understand that it could be a little daunting to start trying to emulate another culture and decorating style.

Don't be put off, as we have some fabulous tips and tricks that will allow you to simply and effortlessly integrate Oriental style into your home, in any room that you choose, so come with us while we explore a décor scheme that is as wonderfully exotic as it is stylish and elegant.

In the living room

Your living room will always be a hugely important part of the house, naturally drawing people towards it for relaxed social interactions and much needed recouperation and what we see here is a fabulous example of one that has been injected with an Oriental style.

The team at Viterbo Interior Design has made the room feel wonderfully chic, yet inherently calm and relaxed. We love the use of natural materials, low furniture and gold accents, all of which are so characteristic of eastern styling and beautiful to boot!

Another perspective

Isn't it amazing just how much a room can change, depending on where you stand within it? Here we see the same living room as before, but what a dramatic difference! Now, the cream tones are really taking the lead and injecting Oriental style with ease thanks to a medley of scatter cushions and a huge variety of textures.

The unimpeded view out into the garden allows for a zen feel to permeate the space, as residents and guests can be connected to nature easily and once again, the height of the furniture itself reminds us of the key influences that are at the centre of this amazing room.

In the dining room

Another key area for socialising, is the dining room and we are pleased to see that the Oriental style has been adopted here too. The huge expanses of white and cream make the room feel fresh and calm, while carefully selected art and natural materials, once again, pull us towards the east.

Simple lines, clean finishes and again, a view out into the garden all help to bolster the zen feel and eastern connection and with a floor that looks so perfectly polished also in place, we know that a no-shoes policy will  be in place, much like the tradition of many Oriental locations.

In the bedroom

Here we see something really exciting; the use of bright, bold colours in an Oriental style. What a fantastic master bedroom this is, complete with perfectly coordinating green items, bed linen and feature wall, not to mention contrasting soft textiles and even a wall motif!

Connecting us to nature, the bold green and tree wall decoration are working harmoniously and though the stark contrasts, provided by the use of white and black in the room, are eye-catching, they are in no way jarring or a sidestep from the anticipated styling. A stunning, calm and thoughtful space, we love how bold this is!

In the wardrobe

When you are taking inspiration from another culture and seeking to decorate your whole house in accordance with it, don't forget the smaller areas, such as walk-in wardrobes! They are prime locations for a little added flair and style too!

We love this closet that features demure chiffon curtains to keep mess and untidiness hidden away, leaving only a pleasant and zen dressing area. The Oriental style material on the bench seat is beautiful and really ties into other room themes, thanks to the use of a nature-motif and inflections of a piquant green. Stunning!

In the guest room

Though guest rooms can easily be given a lot less thought and consideration than other, more favoured spots in a house, we think it is always a really nice touch to make them as pretty and welcoming as you can. After all, wouldn't you want to experience the same thing in somebody else's home?

This lovely room is simple, perfunctory and elegant, with more accents of bright green helping to bring the house together as a cohesive whole, while also adding some individual touches, such as the matching wall mirrors. With a lovely metal frame, finished in an Oriental style, there can be no getting away from where the inspiration for the room has originated from. Charming.

In the children's room

Marrying up your design leanings with a child's bedroom can be very difficult, especially if they are old enough to have ideas and preferences of their own, but don't think of this as an impossible task, as it's really not. Simply seek out ways to compromise that will see everybody feeling happy!

Here we can see Oriental style in place, thanks to the flower picture, fabulous bed and tree jewellery stand, but at the same time, a modern girl is clearly spending time in here. The vivid pink gives a pop of personality and… what's that… can we see Hello Kitty on that suitcase? She is the perfect embodiment of east meets west!

In the family bathroom

This family bathroom looks utterly amazing, doesn't it? Filled with bright colours and fun, we think we are feeling the heavy influence of Japanese pop culture in here and we love it! What a fantastic take on Oriental style! 

The bright, almost clashing colours make the room feel kitsch and enjoyable, while modern finishes, such as the sleek basin unit and the basins themselves, keep the theme contemporary and super cool. A wonderful space, we can't imagine having any trouble convincing children to have a bath before bedtime in here!

In the en suite

To finish, we wanted to show you some opulent Oriental style inspiration in operation and what better way to do that than with a shimmering gold and copper en suite? What a phenomenal room this is! With carefully chosen art supporting the colour scheme, this is a bathroom like few others, filled with tones taken straight from nature and with high-end design in mind. Absolutely stunning!

If you are keen to inject cultural inspiration into your home design scheme, take a look at this Ideabook: Scandinavian Living Without IKEA.

We think you will love the pared back simplicity of Nordic styling and enjoy the contrast to the opulence of the Orient!

Are you inspired to inject some Oriental style into your home? Tell us how you plan to do it!

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