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A backyard wooden clubhouse you can build yourself

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Homify 360 invites you to see different architectural styles. On these pages you'll find a wide range of design inspirations from ten-room mansions to a small cozy wooden cottage. Sometimes, you can even stumble upon some do it yourself projects!

In today's page we will look at a simple and extremely cute wooden clubhouse that can be built in your own backyard or maybe even as your main house. It is not categorized as a building infrastructure that has reinforced concrete, so it does not require construction permission from the municipality.

In our country, wooden huts (sometimes called bahay kubo) are simple structures that generally lack electricity and water because construction permission is not required. There are so many carpenters doing this kind of work in our country, located in almost every province. Try browse through the portfolios of competent masters in Homify Professionals page and reach them directly.

This clubhouse could be the perfect headquarters for your little boy scout and their friends! It even has that treehouse vibe that gives it that nice charm! Come on, let's check it out!

The structure on wooden stilts

The structure stands on stilts with a simple wooden stairway that leads to a tiny porch with the main entrance door in the middle. The children's imagination will run wild as they run along those wooden planks toward the clubhouse. You'll see them on the porch with invisible binoculars, watching out for invaders and throwing water balloon at each other.


In addition to the main entrance door to the venue, there are two windows facing this front. Now, don't forget that secret code that kids use to be able to enter that clubhouse!

An idyllic lake house for a grand adventure!

This wooden cottage is the perfect setting for this clubhouse. Nestled in the forest with the view of the lake where the whole family could go fishing or go for a boat ride. This lake house also has a wooden walkway that leads to a separate bathroom.

Rest and relaxation

Having a house on stilts brings in that  nice breeze alongside the beautiful treetops close by. If you are a hermit, this house is perfect for you, no more noisy neighbor who like to sing karaoke late at night. You will just be surrounded by that peaceful atmosphere.

Make a clubhouse that fits your style

If your hands are predisposed to this kind of work, if you are determined and skillful, then you can make this wooden clubhouse, or something similar to it. We recommend you browse this article titled '6 reasons to choose a wooden house'.

Colorful interiors

The striking colors of its interiors make this clubhouse a fun retreat away from everyday stress. More importantly, make it yours, style any way you want it! 

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