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12 small British bathrooms that prove size isn't everything

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Stuck with a small bathroom? Well lucky you, as you could make yours look as spectacular as all of these breathtaking British examples! Your bathroom designer will be the first to tell you that a small space doesn't mean that you have to go without some really gorgeous touches, clever storage or luxury, but just in case you need some extra confirmation of that, we've found 12 incredible small bathrooms that you'll definitely wish were your own! 

Come take a look, and feel smug in the knowledge that you could have the perfect-size room to emulate your favourite!

1. Can you believe the metallic wallpaper and vintage touches here?

This bathroom is the perfect bland of old and very new!

2. The tiles really make this one!

Fun, colourful and enigmatic, this bathroom has just the right mix of style and function.

3. Black? How very bold!

Small spaces don't have to shy away from a dark colour. In fact, we think they work together perfectly!

4. This neutral scheme is to die for.

The way the light bounces around this stunning room is amazing and that long, sleek corner cabinet? A genius use of space!

5. It's a mermaid's paradise!

It must have been tempting to go all-white in this tiny bathroom, but the pastel mosaics are revelation!

6. The yellow here makes every day summer.

Wow. What a simple yet effective way to perk up a small bathroom! Unfussy yet fabulous!

7. Just look at all these mirrors!

What am incredible way to make this small bathroom seem infinitely longer and larger. Yes please!

8. Everything has a place here!

Built-in shelving has kept this compact bathroom neat and tidy and the all-white décor has us considering the classic colour scheme again!

9. The bathtub is really working those angles!

Think you don't have room for a bath? You might actually, if you think outside the box in terms of layout! Wow!

10. Having a glass sink plinth in here has really opened up the space!

Glass in a small bathroom is a fantastic idea as it tricks the eye into seeing a larger room.

11. Simple fixtures have made this a modern marvel of a bathroom.

Wall-mounted suite items have kept this small bathroom looking modern and stylish!

12. Concrete everything must have made this more cost-effective!

Never mind the cost, just look at how different and divine this room is!

For more bathroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 17 budget ways to make your bathroom the best room in the house.

Are you feeling inspired to make your small bathroom more amazing now?
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