Money-saving tricks from real people (that really work!)

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Any interior designer will tell you that buying and decorating a home is a costly affair, so saving money wherever possible has to be a good idea, right? The only question is, do you know where to start? 

We've found some real-world money-saving tips that we can see really working, so have compiled them together to give you some great ideas, as well as motivation, to reign in those spending habits! Come and take a look and see how easy it really can be to free up some cash for all your home improvement projects!

1. Keep your eyes on the prize.

If you've seen an amazing item for sale that you are desperate to buy for your home, the key is not losing sight of that end goal. If you want a gorgeous, huge mirror for your living room, for example, you need to be making sensible choices as you save, so don't buy a small mirror in the interim and definitely don't just pop your heart's desire on a credit card! Try to put a few pounds aside each month and buy outright!

2. Don't be afraid to haggle!

Don't go assuming that the price tag on anything is a fixed amount, as there is ALWAYS room for a little haggling. Vintage items are super easy to barter for, but even brand new furniture can be reduced! Even if you can't get any money off something for your home, try to get a free warranty thrown in!

3. Make it a habit.

Saving money is genuinely difficult, but you can take the effort and hardship out if it by making it automatic! Sit down at your desk, open your internet banking and set up a standing order that transfers a certain amount of your money into a savings account, on the same day of every month. After the first couple of transfers, you won't even notice it disappearing but you'll be building a healthy pot of savings!

4. Get to grips with DIY.

If you love designer home furnishings, but can't quite afford them comfortably, it's time to experiment with your DIY skills. Upcycling is a fantastically fun and cost-effective way to make old or tatty pieces of furniture look new, interesting and, high-end, if you get the finish right. Just be sure to take your time, prep properly and use good materials, otherwise you might make more of a mess than a masterpiece!

5. Cook more, shop less.

Finally, we have a very common-sense tip for you; stop getting takeaways! If you have a kitchen that works, you have no reason to be wasting money on readymade food, so start buying ingredients and getting more value for your money! You'll soon get in the swing of meal planning and with so many value supermarkets springing up everywhere, you can feed your whole family for very little!

For more cool money-saving tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Money-saving ideas for planning a kitchen.

Are you ready to start stockpiling some serious savings now?

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