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The Home That's the Talk of the Street

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Wiel Arets Architects Modern houses
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Netherlands based architects Wiel Arets' pursuit of groundbreaking home design is exemplified in this exciting project. The newly built home is a wonderful manifestation of experiments and adventurous design that's resulted in a brilliant new addition to an otherwise common suburban street.  

Built predominantly from glass, you won’t believe your eyes when you see how light-filled and spacious the interiors are. Bold materials, sleek finishes and well considered details make for a refreshing family domain that has us all inspired. Tapping into the genius of the architects, the owners are able to enjoy life from a different perspective.

Come and see it for yourself!

What's hiding behind the glass façade?

We arrive at the suburban location to find a home of bold contemporary style. The design contrasts intensely with its traditional neighbours. One would normally expect this type of architecture in the centres of metropolises, such as Berlin, London or Paris—not an ordinary side street. 

Formed of varying geometric shapes, a bright metallic glow created by the glass panels creates a striking appearance. Even though its made from glass, the house does not give much away. The only indicator that there is life inside is from the glow coming from behind the transparent sections of glass. 

A garden with flair

Not to be outdone by the main building, the garden is brimming with personality and flair. Hedges and trees having been carefully trimmed in various sizes and shapes to provide a dazzling mix of topiary. 

The landscaping reminds us of a classical English garden but there's something about the arrangement that makes it unique.

More glass on display

Further to the side, we have a view of the house that reveals a little more about the internal setting. The reflective glass seen predominantly on the front façade is no longer present. Rather, each sheet of glass is transparent.

If you look closely you will see that each sheet of glass covers from the ground all the way to the ceiling of each level, meaning that a very small percentage of the structure is actually solid. We can only imagine how light and open the internal setting must be…

An open layout

As expected, the living areas are open plan and spacious, thanks to a combination of walled partitions and the transparent exterior. As you can see, a more intimate space has been created in the centre with the placement of a pair of sofas, forming a lounge area.

A neutral colour palette, consisting of white walls and the soft greys of polished concrete, oozes with serenity and calmness. 

A view of the garden

The bathroom is simple and light-filled with a huge window exposing the whole room.

For those concerned for the privacy of those using the bathroom, don't worry! A curtain can be easily slid across to cover the window when the bathroom is in use. 

A modern cooking space

Open plan and spacious, the kitchen is always a setting that looks and feels bright and light-filled, thanks to the monochrome scheme and the incoming natural light through the glazing. 

The simple white colour palette is both dramatic and elegant, and is sure to transcend the changing fashions in kitchen design. Speaking of dramatic, the staircase that's just in frame looks unlike anything we've ever seen before!

Planned from the start

The project exemplifies the architect's passion for the details. Rather than designing a home like a shell and filling in the internal features later, the architects have considered these features from the very start. None of the internal décor happened by accident and it’s clear the interiors were forged at the same time as the architectural plan. It's a truly holistic approach. 

Captured in the final image is the most memorable example of this. A staircase hangs from the ceiling above, resembling a pod-like structure. Amazingly, the stairs are not complete, with the last three steps being made on top of a separate cabinet positioned below. We'll leave you with this final image from this incredible house! 

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