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The world is becoming a smaller and more compact place—not only with the advent of technology, globalisation, and our effortless ability to connect with the rest of the world cheaply and quickly, but also in terms of the size of our homes. Small homes are the new buzz word when discussing domestic design. People are favouring minute and compact spaces over the traditional need and desire for large and spacious dwellings. One area that is seeing a decrease in its size is the bedroom. Although we may love a large and luxurious sleeping space, hefty and oversized bedrooms are, these days, simply not a practical option. 

Today on homify we are paying homage to compact sleeping quarters, and offering a few tips and trips to decorate your modestly sized bedroom. Check out the following examples below, and ensure your space is stylish, functional, and comfortably decorated.

Minimal, simple, and stylish

Feature Staircase homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Feature Staircase


This very individual bedroom is accessed via a staircase from the mezzanine, and due to this, requires smart décor and a simple, clean aesthetic. Upon viewing this room, the feeling is one of tranquillity, serenity, and peacefulness. Instead of plentiful ornamentation and adornment, the designers have chosen to add a statement light fitting, wall mounted side lamps, and a simple queen bed. In addition the colour scheme is a crisp white hue that is contrasted by a darker timber floorboard.

Subtle, monochromatic, and liveable

This compact bedroom from E2 Architecture + Interiors is part of a studio home. From this vantage we see the bed space, which is small, and yet made to feel rather spacious and enjoyable. The monochromatic bed linen is coordinated with a grey upholstered bedhead, and dark charcoal curtains to seal the light well from letting in its light during the evening. A simple vintage lamp gives this bedroom some unique individuality, while the artwork creates interest, and matches with the chosen colour palette.

Luxurious, striking, and individual

A compact bedroom needn’t be a boring bedroom, and this design illustrates a wonderful way to incorporate some bright unique elements into your space. Firstly, the neutral upholstered bed is adorned with crisp white linen, but finished with a contrasting bedspread. Secondly, the bold curtains add a sense of intrigue and interest into the room, making a statement, and offering a striking impact. Furthermore, the statement light fitting and side lamps inject warmth and style into the space, again reiterating its panache and audacious style.

Dark, moody, and mysterious

Ultra gloss chocolate bedroom suite Urban Myth Modern style bedroom
Urban Myth

Ultra gloss chocolate bedroom suite

Urban Myth

To decorate a compact bedroom in a dark colour palette, then take a look at this moving and wonderfully inspiring sleeping space. Replete with dark charcoal bed linen, dark wall colour, and bright white flooring, this space is individual, striking and utterly sumptuous. To emulate this in your own abode, choose a statement chandelier, silk bed linen, plenty of dark mirrored surfaces, and a contrasting crisp carpet hue.

Elegant, funky, and tasteful

Bedroom 2 homify Modern style bedroom

Bedroom 2


This bedroom just oozes hip, fantastic, and edgy. The grey upholstered bed is dressed with white sheets, and has a matching grey throw rug at its end. The beauty of this small bedroom is the dusty sea green wall colour, which coordinates perfectly with the grey of the bed, but also the dark grey ash herringbone timber floor. Add a pair of hanging pendant lamps for each side table, and you have a tasteful yet hip, functionally beautiful bedroom.

Reflective, timeless, and sumptuous

A small bedroom guide wouldn’t be complete without a room replete with abundant reflective surfaces. This sleeping space is an excellent example of how to maximise space in a compact bedroom, with huge floor to ceiling mirrors acting as a smart spacious accessory. These mirrors cover the doors to the robe behind, and offer the occupant the practicality of a full-length mirror, as well as opening up the small room.

How do you decorate your small or compact bedroom? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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