Decorating your home with optical illusions

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Optical illusions, and we’re not talking about the popular ‘90s Magic Eye series of books, but rather illusions that come in many different forms, and consequently play an interesting and stylish role within one’s domestic space. If you have decided to refurbish or rejuvenate your interior spaces, why not go one step further and add a little playfulness and excitement. Optical illusions can impart a sense of individuality and distinctiveness, they can open up a living zone, provide spaciousness within a small area, or simply inject a little fun. Utilising illusionary design, rooms can be deepened, widened, lengthened, narrowed, broadened, heightened, or lowered. Changing someone’s visual perception of a space can enhance the ambience, and impart a profoundly sophisticated aesthetic. 

If you would like to see some spaces that effortlessly incorporate some interior illusions, check out the examples below, and consider revamping your home enigmatically and uniquely.

Illuminated tree trunks

Are you looking for a different way to illuminate your garden? Look no further than these stylish garden log lights from Duncan Meerding. Designed to fit into your garden space effortlessly and seamlessly, these ingenious lights add a little magic and intrigue into any outdoor area. Choose lights such as these for a contemporary or rustic space, consider adding them to grassy areas, or simply within your courtyard area for a unique and original space.

The suspended barbeque

If you are looking for a different way to cook in the garden, then this is it! Suspended from a bracket affixed to the stone wall, this griller is an excellently individual way to cook your food. Small and unimposing, from certain angles this barbeque seems as though it is floating. This neat garden accoutrement is sure to enliven your space and keep your guests entertained with tasty food, and an impressive and interesting design.

Escher’s stairs

Reminiscent of The Penrose stairs by M.C. Escher, this staircase is sure to look fabulously unique and interesting within your home. Not only does this staircase look as though it is an optical illusion, it also prevents wasted space beneath the staircase, and functions wonderfully in keeping the space open and airy.

The floating bicycle

Bicycle storage can be a huge problem for many cyclists. You may want to keep you bike inside, but not have the room to do so, or perhaps it simply sits in the hallway or corridor, creating a mess, and cluttering the main thoroughfare within your home. If you have a problem with bicycle storage, check out this interesting example. Creating an optical illusion within the landing of this home, the bike appears to float or be suspended in mid-air, while the bracket holding the bike is quite hidden.

An artful shelf

Do you want a place to store your curios, ornaments and objet d’art?  This wonderful illusionary piece of wall décor is an ideal choice if you want to impart a little decorative style as well as have a practical place to adorn with cherished possessions. Place this shelf above a mantelpiece, or let it speak for itself upon a blank and unembellished wall.

A different way to store books

Another bookshelf with a different purpose, this stunning desk and wall shelf combination is a glorious example of modern style that is mindful of its heritage roots. With slanted shelves, this bookshelf ensures the books are placed in interesting and different formations. For a dignified yet contemporary space, consider a shelf and desk combination that will take centre stage and work as a wonderful feature within the room.

To infinity and beyond

A truly stunning feature, and a brilliant optical illusion, the infinity pool presents a stunning way to impart illusionary style within your property. This pool looks as though it is part of the lake beyond, and works gorgeously to create a symbiosis between the natural environment, and the built form of the pool.

The Magic Eye 3D books: love them or loathe them? Let us know in the comments below.

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