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5 bohemian interior design ideas

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Bohemianism is defined as the practice of an unconventional lifestyle. Artists, writers, journalists, musicians, and actors have all been associated with the term, and while expressing themselves through anti-establishment political activism, liberal social views, or free love, have added to the all-encompassing term that we use today. Often used to describe the Romani people from France, it was inaccurately reported they had reached France during the 15th century via Bohemia. However, it is generally accepted to have been started by the impoverished vagabonds and adventurers who wandered through Europe during the 19th century. The bohemian lifestyle crossed over into aristocratic, wealthy circles too. High bohemians, or haute bohème in French, are individuals from an economically privileged background who choose to embrace the easy and free lifestyle. These days bohemian or ‘boho’ is a buzz word, used to describe informal, nonchalant décor and design. Bohemian style is free and easy, encompassing colourful prints, motifs, vivacious, and artful designs. 

Take a peek at the examples below, and get a few handy hints when decorating your home with a little bohemian flair.

More is more

When decorating in the bohemian style, more is certainly more. However there is one important caveat to that mantra, and that is to only add an item if it adds to the ambience, or contributes to your domestic environment. Many people often decide to decorate their home, and inject a little boho charm, but do so with meaningless items and accoutrements that do nothing to enhance their home’s overall aesthetic. Choose timeless pieces, artistic items, and found objects that you deem unique, memorable, and worthy of inclusion within your home. This is a great example of a home that is extremely well decorated, has many different items, and yet still feels thoughtful and enjoyable.

Cultural motif, patterns, and prints

If you are considering a bohemian interior or style for your home, you simply cannot look past prints, patterns and motifs. This example is a brilliant indication of the countless cultural, tribal, and ethnic prints that will infuse your home with culture and interest. Pick furniture in bright colours, and pair it with natural materials such as timber, wicker and woven goods. Plenty of greenery and foliage can also inject life and vivacity into your space, while acting as a stylish and natural enhancement. Finally, tiles are an excellent floor or wall covering for a bohemian themed home, choose artisan products, or found objects and ensure they are fascinating, remarkable, and unique.

Simple boho elegance

When we think of bohemian living we often don’t associate it with simple elegance, but there is a way to achieve both within your interior space. Minimalism can be fused with many other styles and eclectic décor options. In this example we see a tribal patterned rug and organic tree trunk coffee table. In addition the throw cushions are eclectic, as are the thoughtful accoutrements upon the shelf of dividing the living spaces. If you want to evoke a little boho charm in your home, carefully choose your items and consider a ‘less is more’ approach. You will exude the ambience you desire without creating a full-blown bohemian abode.

Luxurious and eclectic

This interior is an excellent example of a stylish home that exudes charm, allure, and appeal. Brimming with bohemian effortlessness and character, this living space is awash in lavish textiles such as velvet, and silk. Moreover the rough-around-the-edges eclecticism is imparted with a vintage trunk, juxtaposed against a modern Perspex coffee table. to finish off the space, a statement chandelier exudes style and grace.

Consider accessories

Home Accessories rigby & mac Dining roomCrockery & glassware
rigby & mac

Home Accessories

rigby & mac

Accessories are definitely one of those things that really add ambience and style within your domestic space. Here we are looking at some cute and alluring choices for your kitchen or cooking space. From Rigby & Mac, these jars make the perfect addition to a boho outdoor setting in the sun. Along with the pineapple cookie jar, the large jar is replete with a tap to distribute the summer punch effectively. If you don’t have a budget for accessories, think outside the box and consider repurposing some of your old jars to create innovative drinkware.

Who is your favourite artist? Let us know in the comments below.
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