This Norfolk barn conversion will knock your socks off

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Laura Gompertz Interiors Ltd, expert kitchen-planning professional in London, brings us today’s homify 360° gem: a stunning kitchen located in a residential home in Brancaster, North Norfolk.

The heart of this home is situated in a large extension that was added to an original barn-turned-beach-house. The kitchen’s design? Shaker style, meaning some vintage-looking charm from floor to ceiling.

But it’s the added surprise in the kitchen floor that really has us excited…

From outside

We just love it when a big batch of space is used stylishly and cleverly, like this large outdoor area which became a beautiful patio (complete with serene stone flooring) that links up with the rustic-looking extension.

Of course large glass panes had to be included in the form of windows and doors so that the exquisite view could be enjoyed from the inside with a cup of tea.

And speaking of the inside…

The open-plan layout

Ta-da! A stunning (and oh-so spacious) kitchen which shares its open-plan layout with a dining area and living room.

But what is that glass-clad surface in the floor demanding attention? Why, it turns out to be a glass trapdoor that leads down to the wine cellar – a supreme and most unique touch that you don’t find in many kitchens! 

Forget the tea, we’ll have a glass of Merlot to go with that stunning view.

Keeping it cosy

Seeing as this is the UK, some thought had to go into keeping the interiors hospitable in case (or should we say ‘when’) the weather turns nasty. Thus, behold the modern fireplace on the left, taking up space in that eye-catching focal wall with its stone-grey hues – which, by the way, links up quite delightfully with the neutral hues of the kitchen in the background. 

The ideal companion piece for this stylish open-plan layout. 

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Pretty practical

But let’s not forget that the kitchen, however pretty it may be, is a working space, which means clutter is a big no-no. Fortunately, this kitchen comes with a healthy dose of cabinets to help keep the clutter (from groceries and glasses to cutlery and crockery) nearby, yet out of sight. 

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