17 cleaning tricks that will actually save you money

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Have you ever stopped and thought about how much money it costs to keep your home clean and tidy? Well we have, and you'd be surprised, trust us! So we've got some top tips for you today, so you can enjoy significant savings—and don't worry, we're not going to suggest that you sack your cleaner, if you have one! 

There are a host of fantastic ideas that you can put into action, which will have a massive impact on how much you spend in order to enjoy a fresh and functioning home, so come with us now as we give you all the inside info!

1. Install a hair trap in your plug holes.

Nobody wants costly emergency plumber bills, so take a few seconds and install a hair trap in your bathroom plugs. Baths and showers quickly get clogged and can become a very pricey problem to fix!

2. Use kitchen ingredients for makeshift cleaning products.

Bespoke oak larder homify Country style kitchen

Bespoke oak larder


Why waste lots of your weekly shopping budget on expensive cleaning products, when you probably have everything you need, in your kitchen cupboards? Salt, lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar are all fantastic, natural cleaning agents and can be used on basically anything!

3. Ditch the throwaway cleaning cloths.

You might think that throwaway cloths are more hygienic, but that's wrong! They will cost you, and the planet, a lot more in the long-run than microfibre cloths that can simply be thrown in the washing machine when you next do a load!

4. Liberate your lint trap.

Laundry Room Clean Design Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Clean Design

Laundry Room

Clean Design

Come on, you know you're meant to be removing all the lint out of your dryer, don't you? If you don't, the machine will have to work twice as hard and probably need replacing far more often. Just have a peek once a week and give it a clean!

5. Stop replacing your hair styling tools.

Reclaimed Industrial Metal Window Mirror Sugden and Daughters Dressing roomMirrors
Sugden and Daughters

Reclaimed Industrial Metal Window Mirror

Sugden and Daughters

If your hair straighteners and curlers are forever getting clogged with styling products, resulting in you throwing them out, STOP! You can simply run a cloth that has been dipped in vinegar and baking soda over them and all the goo will come straight off! Think how much you'll save!

6. Don't be a snob about generic brands.

PTC Kitchens from 2015-2018 PTC Kitchens Country style kitchen
PTC Kitchens

PTC Kitchens from 2015-2018

PTC Kitchens

Those big brand dishwasher tablets might have fancy-sounding technology, but you might be shocked to learn that they are probably made in the same factory as generic brands, with the same ingredients! Nobody will ever know which brand you use, so save yourself some serious cash!

7. Microwave your sink sponges once a week.

Classic, yet Contemporary Rencraft Classic style kitchen

Classic, yet Contemporary


If you want to get more life out of your kitchen sink sponges, give them a rise with hot soapy water and pop then in the microwave for a couple of minutes. This will kill any bacteria and you can give them a spritz of lemon juice as well, to keep them smelling great.

8. Blow out the cobwebs.

BOSCH extractor hood Kitchencraft Modern kitchen

BOSCH extractor hood


Any extractors or ventilation systems need to be maintained properly, so always take the time to give them a good blast of air, to blow any dust out of them. You can buy canned air for this purpose and it will save you a lot of money in potential repair bills.

9. Don't throw out rusty tools!

Need to store all your tools in the garage? Try a feature wall! Garageflex Modern garage/shed

Need to store all your tools in the garage? Try a feature wall!


If your tools are rusting, don't replace them, clean them on the cheap! Soak rusty items in vinegar for a few hours, then scrub with a brillo pad, coated in baking soda. Rinse, dry thoroughly and enjoy your new tools!

10. Simplify your cleaning arsenal.

handmade Goat & horsehair brooms and brushes brush64 HouseholdHomewares

handmade Goat & horsehair brooms and brushes


It is so easy to get caught up buying one of everything to clean your home, but it really is pointless, as most items will clean numerous things. Pare back how many potions and scrubbers you have, keeping only what you need and try to buy multipurpose cleaning products.

11. Grab the mouthwash!

Your bathroom is a hive of cleaning genius and this is one of our favourite tips! Instead of using pricey floor cleaning solutions, add a capful of mouthwash to your bucket of hot water and mop away! Clean and fresh, for a fraction of the cost!

12. Get the toothpaste while you're at it!

Drummonds Case Study: Loz Feliz Retreat, California Drummonds Bathrooms Mediterranean style bathroom
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: Loz Feliz Retreat, California

Drummonds Bathrooms

While you;re experimenting with the mouthwash, grab the toothpaste too! For white trainers that have seen better days and are on the brink of being thrown out, a quick scrub with some minty toothpaste will bring them back to dazzling white! Now that really WILL save you money!

13. Wash pillows and duvets LESS.

Bedroom homify Modern style bedroom



You might think that washing your pillows and duvets regularly is a common sense endeavour, but this can actually shorten their lifespan. A better idea is to buy proper covers for them, which can be thrown in with your normal washing. They'll be far cheaper than a new heavy tog cover!

14. Give your dishwasher a scrub.

Island with Dishwasher Drawer STUDIO Z Scandinavian style kitchen

Island with Dishwasher Drawer


Maintenance is the name of the game with this tip! If you don't want to waste tablets and clock up a huge water bill, you can't afford to run the risk of having to run double cycles, just to get your stubborn pans clean. You can avoid this by giving your dishwasher a clean, just once a month. Be sure to rinse out all the filters, in particular!

15. Clean your car yourself.

It is so tempting to either pay someone to valet your car or splurge on some serious expensive products, but you don't need to do either! Baking soda and lemon juice will get any grime out of the inside of your car and dish soap is more than up to the task of cleaning the outside!

16. Stockpile the coupons!

You know all those annoying coupons that come flying out of the till when you do your shopping? KEEP THEM! Supermarkets are banking on people just forgetting about them, but there are serious savings to be made. Sign up for point-collecting schemes too, as that way you can spend your points on the boring cleaning products you need and treat yourself to good food with your weekly budget!

17. Get clever about carpet care.

Tiles rug homify Walls & flooringCarpets & rugs Wool Multicolored

Tiles rug


Why pay for expensive carpet cleaning services when you can do the same thing yourself? Tackle stains as soon as they happen and, once a month, sprinkle baking soda, infused with your favourite essential oil, all over your carpets and rugs, leave for about 30 minutes and the vacuum them up. Fresh and clean, you'll wonder why you haven't done it before!

For more great cleaning tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Chemical-free oven cleaning can be done.

Are you ready to save some serious money on your cleaning bills?

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