Snowdrop Lodge, Beach Road, St. Cyrus, Aberdeenshire: classic Houses by Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

A family home full of magic

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Stylish home design, traditional values and a breathtakingly bold interior are just a few of the things that this stunning house offers and, when you combine them altogether, the end result is a house that is as cohesive as it is different and lovely as it is traditional looking.

While adding new portions onto existing buildings has become extremely common in recent years, we are always on the lookout for homes that demonstrate a sympathetic approach or a way of grafting new sections on that don't detract from the beauty and grace of the original building. 

We're extremely thankful to have found one such property and have brought it to you today, so let's take a look at how one firm managed to make traditional design and stark monochrome the best of friends.

Deceptive frontage

As we look at this house from the front, we think we could all be forgiven for wondering exactly what is so special about it. Yes, it's beautiful, there is no denying that, but where is the addition or bold styling that we were expecting? 

By keeping the façade so untouched, the talented architects at Roundhouse Architecture has tricked us into believing that this could potentially just be a loving restoration project, making our reaction to the rear and exterior even more dramatic.

What a cheeky and clever bunch!

Beauty all the way round

It certainly doesn't hurt that there is snow on the ground here does it? Looking like the archetypal idyllic country home, this fabulous house gives us even more joy at the back, with a continuation of the black and white scheme and there, to the left, one of the most sympathetic and undetectable extensions that we've ever witnessed.

The exposed stonework is the only differentiating aspect and on first glance, we could have sworn that it had been there as long as the original house had. What a fabulously delicate design touch!

Huge proportions

Moving closer to the extension, we can start to get a feel for just how lovely and grandiose it is, with that enormous section of glazing in the front that has been added to allow for maximum light penetration and easy enjoyment of the garden views.

Despite being a new addition, nothing about this segment looks stark or out of place. In fact, nothing even looks as though it needs to 'weather' to blend in with the house. It simply exists, in perfect harmony with everything else and we can't wait to get inside!

Modern touch

Wow! Now this is not what we were expecting the kitchen to look like at all. How about you? With the extension having been completed in such a sympathetic way, complete with aged stonework and traditional window frame styles, we had anticipated a traditional country kitchen, complete with AGA and rustic wooden cupboards, so this sparkling and sleek monochrome installation is a dramatic touch.

We love how some old fashioned pieces have still been integrated, but we are now wondering what the rest of the house looks like and if that too has been finished in an ultra modern fashion!

On the inside

Here is the extension, from the inside and what a space it is! It literally transforms the entire house and drenches the interior in more natural light than could ever be anticipated! Every available space has been put to great use as a window housing, with even the roof playing home to three sky lights!

With an all white scheme in place, the futuristic woodburner looks perfectly at home nestled in the corner and adding some darker contrast. We can only imagine how cosy and warm this room must feel when it is in use and even when filled with furniture and belongings, we know that the airiness will prevail to keep this room feeling large.

Themes throughout

Just in case you thought that the monochrome theme hadn't been carried through to the rest of the house, we thought we'd add in this snapshot of the bathroom, complete with an almost gothic style tiled splashback, dark floor and ultra chic bathtub. 

The crazy thing is, the scheme doesn't feel too harsh or dramatic for the house, rather, the house seems to envelop this darker side of itself and, using its traditional feel, simply transforms it into timeless chic. Stunning!

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