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Gardens, especially ones filled with a multitude of different flowering species, are wonderful additions to any home or apartment building. They beautiful, colourful, and bring life to an otherwise drab piece of land outside your home. It's also a well-known fact that plants not only purify the air around you and add striking colour, but they're also incredibly positive influences on our psyches, making us happier people. In fact, looking at the colour green for 20 minutes has been scientifically proven to make you happier. On top of that, it also improves your creativity! So how can you enjoy your garden all year long, especially during those long, winter months? You've come to the right place to answer this question! Today on homify, we're going to give you a few tips and trick to make the most out of your garden and create your own winter garden wonderland to enjoy year round.

Get some evergreens

The first thing we think about when we know winter is coming is how all the beautiful trees lose their leaves and become bare skeletons in our yards. The colour change during autumn is a beautiful sight, but when winter comes along, we start to miss that vibrant energy. So the question is, how can we keep that greenery thriving even in winter time? Luckily for us, nature provides the perfect solution – evergreen trees. Evergreen trees provide us with the necessary oxygen to survive during the winter, and their prickly little needle-like leaves stay green all year round, making them wonderful decoration options for your garden for winter, spring, summer, or autumn.  

In this garden, we see a lovely mix of deciduous and evergreen trees for a profusion of different plant types to enjoy year round. As the deciduous change their colours, the conifers remain that brilliant green.

Stay warm

The second thing to consider on our list is warmth. Of course, if you want to enjoy your garden in the winter time, you have to make sure you can stay out there long enough to enjoy it. Thankfully staying warm in winter is no huge project and you can easily add heat to your garden in many different ways. Generally, the easiest way to do that is with an outdoor heater of some kind. In this image, for example, we see an open fire style burner. In addition to adding a warmth, this quaint little heater adds a cosy element to your garden.

This is just one variety of patio heaters available on the market, so you can shop around for the one that best fits your personal needs. There are even some outdoor heaters that use gas as their power source and are able to effectively provide sufficient heat for large outdoor areas.

Add a fire pit

We all know there’s nothing like a warm, flickering firelight for a winter garden, and modern technology and architectural design have made it easier than ever to add a beautiful golden glow to your very own backyard. So for your winter garden, if you're not sold on an outdoor heater and want a little something more, you're definitely going to want to invest in a fire pit. The fire from a fire pit invites you and your guests to linger longer in the garden, as they create the mood of a campfire. They're bigger than heaters, allowing for large groups of people to comfortably sit around them and roast vegetables or marshmallows, and they also have a low profile, so they don't interfere with the view of your garden.

Get a jacuzzi!

So what other ways are there to stay warm in your winter garden? If you're looking to heat things up in more ways than one, you should be sure to get a jacuzzi. Soaking in a bubbling outdoor jacuzzi is one of life's greatest pleasures, and jacuzzis are the perfect chic and sexy element to any outdoor area. They provide hours of relaxation and enjoyment and give anyone inside the feeling as if they're a movie star. 

If you're going to invest in such a great luxury, make sure it's the focal point of your winter garden. Unlike in-ground pools, jacuzzis don't require a large berth of paved space for access, so you can plant shrubbery right around the edges of it to create the feeling of really being in nature, instead of the opulent heated jacuzzi you're really in.

Covered terrace

Aside from fire and heated pools for your garden, let's consider awnings for your winter garden. Adding a covering to your terrace will help trap the heat from any small heater, or perhaps from any candles burning on tables, as well as the your body heat and keep everyone warm. Stylistically, they match with any decor, and covering will also protect you from the winter snowfall. Covered terraces aren't just useful for a winter garden. They can be fully utilized all year round. In addition to snow protection, covering will protect against rain, and let's not forget those pesky falling leaves during the autumn season.

A covered terrace also provides fantastic decorating opportunities. As we see here, you can string vines along the columns in the summer time, but for those winter months, add warm lights as decoration, even some lanterns or tiki torches for extra heat.

Get crazy with the lighting

Last, but not least, since we've discussed all the different ways you and your loved ones can stay warm, let's think about some decorative items for your winter wonderland garden. And nothing portrays wonder in winter quite like lighting.

Adding stringed or icicle lights to your covered terrace or to those deciduous trees in your garden that have lost their leaves is the perfect way to illuminate to your winter garden and really create an authentic winter wonderland. After all, what's more magical around the holiday season that strung up lights?

Here we see a beautiful decoration with white lighting, but don't be afraid to get crazy with coloured lights so you can really show off your winter wonderland and impress your friends and family. Blue string lights are always a great choice for outdoor lighting. They provide a soft, welcoming hue and create a calming atmosphere. Best of all, blue lights aren't so dull that you can't see from their glow.

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