24 interior design hacks you need to know (part 1)

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Monsoon 2014, Chivasso BV Chivasso BV Windows & doors Curtains & drapes
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If the work of interior designers seems like something of a dark art to you, fear not, as we're going to let you in on some amazing top tips that will make it so much simpler! We don't want to bombard you all in one hit though, so we're going to give you the first 12 ideas today and the final installment tomorrow. 

Come with us now as we get to grips with all those sneaky ideas that create a stunning home that looks good enough to have been curated by a master designer—and then start planning your own amazing schemes!

1. Mix old and new pieces.

Have you ever noticed that the most beautifully put together homes seems to have a wonderful mix of old and new items in them, just working together to look so progressive. How about contemporary wall colours, with retro furniture?

2. Showcase things that have meaning.

Lifestyle picture - Hands of Time Wisse Trooster - qoowl Industrial style living room
Wisse Trooster—qoowl

Lifestyle picture—Hands of Time

Wisse Trooster - qoowl

Your interior design scheme will never look anything other than gorgeous if you choose to really make a song and dance about personal items that have serious significance to you. Think about family photographs and holiday memorabilia!

3. Buy neutral large furniture pieces.

Pavilion sofa bed Loaf Living roomSofas & armchairs Grey sofa bed,sofa,grey

Pavilion sofa bed


If you want to have plenty of scope for adding bold patterns and cool colours to your home, you should really consider neutral large pieces of furniture. A classic example would be a neutral sofa with a plethora of bold cushions. So chic!

4. Make your hallway work for you.

Solid Walnut Shoe Cabinet from our Mayan Range Big Blu Furniture Corridor, hallway & stairsStorage Solid Wood Brown
Big Blu Furniture

Solid Walnut Shoe Cabinet from our Mayan Range

Big Blu Furniture

Interior designers know that your hallways can be so much more than just the spot that you see when you open the front door! Turning them into functional spaces is a great idea, so grab some storage and up the practicality a little.

5. Good lighting is a secret weapon.

If you do nothing other than make sure that your lighting is on point throughout your home, you'll have a fantastic space! It's absolutely incredible how a spot of decent illumination can add so much ambience!

6. Open shelves are perfect for bathrooms.

Magnetika bathroom - magnetic mirror and shelves Ronda Design BathroomMirrors
Ronda Design

Magnetika bathroom—magnetic mirror and shelves

Ronda Design

We spend so much time trying to hide away all of our clutter, but in a bathroom, open shelving, with perfectly folded towels and a few high-end toiletries really add to a stylish aesthetic! Just keep the personal stuff stashed in a drawer! 

7. Don't fear white!

So many people are terrified of using a lot of white in their homes, but it is bright refreshing, modern and so chic that we want you to consider it more carefully. It's also timeless, so you'd probably not have to redecorate for a really long time!

8. Design just for you.

By all means educate yourself as to the most commonly followed interior design rules, then only use the ones that actually fit your style. If you want to mix and match patterns and eras, you do it, but do it with confidence! Your appreciation of the space will be enough to make other people subscribe to its success.

9. Brighten your office with notes.

Add a little fun and excitement to your home office by installing a large noticeboard that you cover in colourful Post-It notes and photographs. It won't look contrived either, as it has an appropriate function in the space!

10. Use your collections to good effect.

Whatever you collect, put your stash to good use by displaying pieces throughout your home. Why take the time to actually collect something if you're not going to enjoy and display it? This is a great conversation starter too, as guests will ask where you got certain pieces!

11. Make natural light do the hard work.

Monsoon 2014, Chivasso BV Chivasso BV Windows & doors Curtains & drapes
Chivasso BV

Monsoon 2014

Chivasso BV

Natural light works hand in hand with artificial lighting, in that it really energises your home. During the day, be sure to draw any and all curtains and blinds, to make sure you are getting the full benefit of all that gorgeous sunlight that wants to flow in. 

12. Don't skimp on the window dressings.

Speaking of windows, don't underestimate what a fantastic finishing touch stunning curtains, blinds or shutters can add to a room. Try to pick out an existing accent colour and work with that, for a really cohesive but not overbearing look.

Come back tomorrow for part two of this guide, but in the meantime, check out this awesome top tips Ideabook: Practical bathroom design tips.

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