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Oozing a warm glow and complemented by the use of a light, honey-like wood, Casa em Paolo Alto, based in California, is delight to the neighbourhood. Practical and pretty, this is the epitome of the perfect family home.

Photographed by Antonio Chaves, every twist, turn and detail of this home has been captured as light streams into it from every angle. Modern elements add character and charm to the home while the more subtle aspects keep it natural and warm.

While this particular house is based in California, its architecture is one that transcends national boundaries, allowing it be an inspiration for a home for any family no matter what their culture, religion or location is. 

This is a home that is truly sweet.

Subtle setting

The soft light illuminating from this beautiful home shows its subtle yet unique presence in the neighbourhood, which is exactly what you want your family home to do. Forget your home being the bling on the block, rather opt for a home that is elegant, stylish and simple.

Casa em Paolo Alto is not exactly tiny either though, making it the perfect suburban family home. Imagine coming home to this in the city that you live in—safe, secure, contemporary and trendy.

A double-garage, such as this one, is also fantastic for any home as you can fit two vehicles inside it snugly as well as have some extra space for storage, tools and bicycles. 

A second floor gives this home fantastic views of the neighbourhood, while lush green grass, plants and trees line the perimetre of the property, creating privacy and a natural beauty all in one go.

Interior design

The living room is sleek and modern with white leather couches, white walls and beautiful, honey-coloured wooden floors. A dash of red in the form of cushions and a cabinet adds a splash of bright and bold colour. 

The designers have opted for minimalist with a photograph here and there and a painting as the only peice of decoration on a plain, white wall. This is complemented by a sleek flat screen television and a fire place. The fire place is enhanced by a gorgeous grey wall, which breaks up the white slightly. This is a great tip when decorating. 

Light plays an important part in this room, with natural light flowing in through the skylight and the sliding doors. The result is an incredibly bright and refreshing space.

Another great tip is to add a simple wooden bench like this one to a room to break up an open plan space.

Light living

The open plan kitchen and dining room continue this clean, white look and feel throughout. 

The honey-coloured wood features in the form of the kitchen counters and the beautiful, wooden dining room table, while grey tiles work with the grey walls to add a bit of subtle colour to the room. 

The designers have also incorporated a skylight in this room as well as large, French windows and doors that roll back to reveal a patio. This is an incredible feature for a family home, especially in summer. Mom and dad can prepare meals and set tables while still keeping an eye on the kids who are playing the garden and swimming in the pool.

The use of natural light in this space means that the designers haven't had to focus too much on artificial lights, instead incorporating subtle dimming lights in the ceiling. This means that when guests are over for a dinner party, they don't have to sit under blazing lights while the chef prepares dinner. Dimming lights instead create a lovely mood and ambiance. 

Colour coding

A more formal dining area in Casa em Paolo Alto is also positioned in front of large doors that open to allow a a subtle transition between the interior and the exterior of the house. In this space the designers have brought moody oranges and greys into the room in the form of a large artwork, while a blue rug underneath the dining room table adds texture and character to an otherwise minimalist home. 

Transparent chairs around the dining room table add a very funky and modern touch to a house that is quite simple and subtle, just like how the red is used in the living room. The result is a house that is comfortable and practical, while still maintaining a careful amount of edge, trend and sophistication. 

If you're looking for inspiration for your own living room, check out these amazing living room products. A great tip is to pair your dining room table with funky chairs such as these ones or go for mismatched chairs to create an eclectic and colourful look and feel.

Bathroom delights

The bathroom in this house is just as comfortable and sophisticated as the rest of the house with detailed finishes and stylish features. 

This bathroom is en-suite, separated from the rest of the bedroom by a glass door, which creates an incredibly modern look and feel. It also complements the glass shower encasing and the large, glass windows that open the bathroom up onto the garden. Imagine the views you have while soaking in a hot bubble bath!

The sink area in the bathroom features two sinks, perfect for any couple, designed in a funky, slanted shape. Drawers and cupboards below the sinks allow for personal items such as toothpaste and shaving cream to be stored out of sight, which keeps the bathroom looking clean and devoid of clutter. 

While natural light is utilised in this space, bright lights next to the mirror allow for illumination when doing make-up or shaving. Every practicality has been thought through. 


This is the perfect setting for backyard braai's, pool parties and evenings sipping tea and a great way to end our tour of this beautiful home. 

One of the most prominent aspects of this area is the lush lawn surrounding the swimming pool, which is fantastic if you have children as it means no slipping on concrete. The lawn also allows for fun games in the garden such as cricket and catches, while the adults can relax on the wooden wrap-around patio and enjoy the afternoon sun.

The dining room and living room open up onto this space, which is also great for a family home. It allows for a much bigger, open plan space to be utilised so no one is confined to one area in the house.

This is the type of design to take note of if you're looking to start your own family—functional and fabulous.

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