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13 wardrobe designs for your home

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Creating ample amount of storage especially for our clothes is a must. Designing the right kind of wardrobe can be a tricky thing because there are many factors that need to be considered before finalising a design. If you have been looking for certain design options for yourself then here are 13 pictures of modern looking wardrobes that you may use.

1. Mirror and wood wardrobe

One of the best combinations that you can use for creating a modern looking wardrobe is this mirror and wood pattern. This design also helps your wardrobe stand out from the rest of the room turning it into a focal point.

2. Pull-out hangers

If you do not want to make massive changes to your existing wardrobe then you can transform the interiors by installing pull out hangers. These hooks make it convenient for you to take out clothes as they can be adjusted at different levels.

3. Clear glass wardrobe

Another way to create a modern looking wardrobe is by replacing the traditional doors with clear glass. This will not only allow you to see inside without opening the door but will also give it a grand touch.

4. Sliding door wardrobe

If you are looking to save space in your room then creating a sliding door wardrobe is a must. The best part about building such wardrobes is that they are easy to use.

5. Mirrored door wardrobes

For those of you looking to brighten up their rooms using mirrors instead of regular wooden wardrobe doors is highly recommended. By doing so, the mirrors will help reflect the light into every corner of the room.

6. Built-in wardrobe

If you do not want your wardrobe to jut out in the room then considering this built-in option is also advised. This will help create a wardrobe which is on the same level as the rest of the wall giving you enough floor space in the room.

7. Laminated wardrobes

Another great way to create a modern looking wardrobe is by using laminate sheets. By placing these sheets on the doors of your wardrobe, you will be able to customise the look whenever you want that too at a low price.

8. Designer panel wardrobe

If you want your wardrobe to look unique, then you can create customised door panels. As seen in the picture the designer has used square panels to make the wardrobe stand out.

9. White colour wardrobe

For those of you who love simple designs painting the closet, white is worth a shot. This will not only make your wardrobe look clean but will also ensure that it compliments the rest of the decor.

10. Open wardrobe

If you been looking for the cheapest alternative for creating a wardrobe than these open cupboards are an excellent choice. By setting up a wall of shelves and then using curtains to partition it, you will be able to build your very own walk in closet.

11. Artistic wardrobe

For those of you who are looking to try something new incorporating decorative panels in your wardrobe doors is worth a shot. You can use different designs for these panels like flowers, animals, and even birds.

12. Partitioning wardrobe

If you have a small room and are looking for the perfect place to install a wardrobe then using it as a partition can be a great alternative. You can also install shifting doors which will help save a lot of space.

13. Wall to wall wardrobe

You can also opt for this wall to wall wardrobe setting if you have a large room. The best part about building such wardrobes is that you can create different cabinets to organise your apparel, accessories, and footwears.

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