5 Façades Before And After: Amazing Transformations!

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A home's façade is an important feature that can give either a good first impression or an incredibly bad one. This is, perhaps, why it's so much fun to look at the exterior of other people's homes because for every beautiful home out there, we all know of an absolute shocker that completely ruins the look of the entire street. 

Reasons such as time, weather, lack of proper maintenance or even just laziness can all lead to a home's façade looking past its best. However, no home is beyond salvage as you will soon learn from this Ideabook. 

We present to you a selection of five amazing projects where the ingenuity of both the designers and home owners have completely reinvented the façade of their home. Each home has been given a second lease of life thanks to a new look exterior that reflects their true potential. Let's begin!

1. Before: Green without envy

Time really hasn't been kind to this humble home, with many of its quaint features falling apart, fading or rusting as the unforgiving climate has taken its toll. Not to mention that horrible lime green colour really isn't helping the situation at all. The young owners knew a change needed to happen urgently but their design response might surprise you…

After: Standing tall and lean

Was this the change you were expecting? A team from Neutral Architects have completely transformed the old house into something that really is completely different. You'd have no doubt noticed straight away that a second storey has been added to the building, as well as the a new look façade that resembles a more modern dwelling. 

That awful lime green is well gone and has been replaced by shades of white, black and grey, giving the home a modern, monochrome appeal. Sheets of transparent glass provide the home with a new open appearance and a definite curb appeal. Quite a change!

2. Before: Drab fab

The next example is from London, which like most major metropolis', is experiencing an unprecedented demand for housing as more people choose to call the city home. As the demand for housing grows, so too does the need for innovative design. 

Pictured is an abandoned and run-down mechanics garage found in one of the city's old industrial areas. Some would look at the building and say knock it down, but a those from Patalab Architects saw inspiration for something else…

After: Gleaming brickwork

Patalab Architecture managed to embrace all the challenges thrown their way to create a stunning example of a modern home. Very little of the garage remains, however, much of the internal walls of the home are formed by the old building. 

Brickwork is the dominant feature of the new façade, which now glows in soft tones against the lighting. The bricks actually possess a modern twist, being a reflective, metallic bronze glazed brick, allowing them to glisten in the sun, as well as giving them the special radiance evident in this picture.

3. Before: A grim picture

This image looks like it has just been resurrected from the photo album of our an older relative, giving off an old fashioned vibe. This black and white image reveals that despite its somewhat okay condition, there really isn't anything outstanding about the home. But just wait until you see it after the renovation. 

After: A façade of another world

Wow… what a transformation! In this image we can see the remarkable transformation that has taken place. The humble home that stood before is long gone. Today the home appears like something you'd see advertised in a travel brochure. 

To expand the footprint of the house, the area once occupied by grass has been built upon to create a sprawling terrace that boasts grand living spaces, as well as a wonderful al fresco area. To further maximise the appeal of the home a huge swimming pool was installed—perfect for warm summer days and balmy evenings.

4. Before: Looking its age

This image reveals the poor state of the house prior to the renovations, showing just how much it needed to be restored. We can see the deterioration of the building materials: walls in disrepair and damaged by salt, useless corrugated iron roof sheets, cracked tiles and even no doors.

Not only did the home look aged but inside it didn't meet the living standards we look for in a home today. This was until Nonwarp, architects from Puebla, got down to work. 

After: Modern appeal inside and out

The freshly renovated façade shines in a totally new light thanks to a stark white render that now covers the exterior envelope. On top of this, the colour scheme is completed by those wonderful panels of glass that form the new upper level. If you look closely, there are still remnants of the old façade below on the lower level, such as the restored arched windows.  

Internally, the living spaces are bright and open, with every room benefiting from a layout that promotes ease of movement and a sense of space. 

5. Before: Just ordinary

Our last example is of a semi-detached home that appears much like any home in the neighbourhood. Ruining the streetscape is the home's garage, which stands right up next to the footpath, creating a closed off and unwelcoming appearance to the residence. Considering the structural and potential local land-use controls in place, what possible façade changes can we possibly expect? 

After: Radiant and open

Today stands a home that completely differentiates itself from its neighbours. The former façade, which was drab and closed-off, is now long gone thanks to a beautiful new design that incorporates modern accents and lavish finishes. 

Not only was the façade altered but a terrace was added on the roof of the garage, utilising space that was otherwise completely wasted. We are huge fans in particular of the new look garage, which helps soften the appearance of the whole building. 

If you're still in the mood for more dramatic before and after projects, check out: A Back to Basics Home Renovation.

Which transformation most surprised you? We love to hear from you!

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