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The 10 dirtiest things in your home (that you SHOULD be cleaning)

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Apart from professional cleaners, we can't think of anyone that actually enjoys the household chores that seem to take up so much time, so how about we fill you in on the dirtiest things in your home that you need to clean? It could save you precious hours and leave you with a sparkling home, even when you don't have much time to spare! From your kitchen to your bathroom, we have some top tips as to the spots you can't afford to neglect, so come and take a look now!

1. Your cleaning equipment.

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handmade Goat & horsehair brooms and brushes


It might sound a little silly, but you need to make sure the equipment you use to clean your home is clean itself! If not, you'll simply be smearing more grime around! A quick scrub or soak should take care of most things!

2. Toilet pedestals.

We know you leave the bowl fresh as a daisy, but what about your toilet pedestal? It can get covered in dust and grime, but you won't notice until it is a real problem, so give it a cursory wipe and forget about it for another week!

3. The kitchen sink drain.

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Modern kitchen sink tap with red splashback

Affleck Property Services

Don't just give your plughole a quick scrub, actually look after the drain as well, otherwise you'll have a smelly issue! A quick solution is to pour baking soda and white vinegar down there, leave while you clean the rest of the kitchen and then flush through with boiling water.

4. Pet food stations.

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x-large pet food bin


Our furry friends don't care about leaving a mess in their wake, so it's down to you to clean up their debris. The area around their feeding bowls will be the most grubby, so just give it some attention when they have finished eating.

5. Around cat litter trays.

Speaking of furry friends, we all know the nightmare of car litter trays! You'll have litter all over the floor and, if you're really unlucky, a dirty mess to clean up on the lip of the tray too, but, without grossing you out, the fresher the mess, the easier it is to wipe away!

6. All door knobs!

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Les  Verreries de Bréhat

Cabinet knob Microbulles blue spherical

Les Verreries de Bréhat

It's SO easy to forget about all the door knobs in your home, but they are bacteria-producing areas! Greasy and dirty hands just add to the problem with every use so run an antibacterial cloth over them as often as you can!

7. The changing table.

Your bundle of joy might be cute as a button, but you'd be shocked at how messy your changing table and nappy bin gets! It's worth giving everything a really thorough clean a couple of times a week, to ensure a fresh smell and a hygienic surface.

8. Inside the microwave.

Nobilia project 4 20mm Focus door in Glossy lacquered Ivory with a stainless steel handle Modern kitchen by Eco German Kitchens Modern MDF
Eco German Kitchens

Nobilia project 4 20mm Focus door in Glossy lacquered Ivory with a stainless steel handle

Eco German Kitchens

As your food heats up, it naturally splatters everywhere and your microwave will soon get an interior film of mouldy food all over the inside! Wipe it with an antibacterial wipe and then, heat up some water and fresh lemon slices, to really leave it looking and smelling fresh!

9. Bathroom walls.

Don't forget about your bathroom walls when you are doing the cleaning! You might be so focused on the suite items that you ignore them, but we bet you'll have toothpaste splatter and water marks that need dealing with!

10. Floors!

Parquet Flooring After Sanding And Sealing by Floor Sanding Co
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Parquet Flooring After Sanding And Sealing

Floor Sanding Co

Finally, it's time to think about your floors! Everybody walks all over them, every day, so the amount of dust and dirt that can build up is phenomenal. It's easy to stay on top of this issue though, by running the vacuum round, super quickly, every other day! You'll soon get in the habit, we promise!

For more cleaning tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Clever home cleaning tips.

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