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A £14k garden renovation to blow your mind

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They say history tends to repeat itself – well, as long as history is something beautiful to enjoy, we have no problem with that. However, once things get a bit outdated and tedious, it’s time to call in some professional help to set things right (and stylish) again.

We are, of course, referring to our ever-popular ‘before and after’ pieces here on homify, where any hideous and cluttered space is one magical makeover away from taking our breaths away. Today’s piece focuses on a back yard garden in Greenwich which underwent some “wow-worthy” touch-ups to give it a fresh, lush and eye-catching look.

Millennium Interior Designers from London are the experts who deserve all the credit for this one.

Before: A cluttered nightmare

We really wouldn’t have advised anyone to send their children or their pets outside here to go and play – they just might never see them again! 

Overgrown weeds bursting through the floor; old garden furniture and rubble taking up valuable space – how does one neglect a garden to such an extent?

After: A fresh new look

Finally, we can breathe again! Everything that was wrong here has been rectified most stylishly. The tired old floor tiles have been replaced with loose gravel; a neat-looking stone footpath transports us from end of the garden to the other; and the plants-and-flowers factors look to have been meticulously picked out and placed.

Before: Overgrown horror

Far be it from us to tell anyone what plants and flowers they must include in their gardens or homes. However, we think it’s safe to say that this previous layout (‘layout’ might be too strong a word) didn’t work for us at all. 

We can just imagine a gardener or landscape designer throwing their hands up in despair at this sore sight. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case with this project…

After: Neat and fresh

Don’t you feel like skipping across this new yard? Or, at the very least, retiring to that little seating corner for some tea and a gossip session? 

Notice the lushness of the plants, and how it offsets with the harsh (yet softly toned) patterns of the gravel, stone walls, rattan furniture, etc.

After: Some H20

We definitely wouldn’t have advised a body of water for the ‘before’ state of this space – goodness knows what it would have been teeming with. However, this delicate little pond is the perfect touch for this new neat-and-oh-so-clean garden, ensuring a touch of H20 that is sure to attract some frogs, birds and butterflies. 

Gloomy weather, be gone! We’ll show you 10 ways to make the most of your garden this summer.

What do you think of this garden’s new look?
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