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The Camden prefab penthouse with a difference

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Camden Penthouse Boutique Modern Ltd Modern living room
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When it comes to the evolution of architecture, prefab houses definitely deserve special mention. The way in which these specialised buildings cut construction costs and –times in half (sometimes even more) is really something to note, which is why so many of our homify 360° discoveries focus on prefabs – such as today’s one.

Newhaven-based home builders Boutique Modern Ltd are in charge of this latest project, which kicked off when the team was contacted by the client who had planning permission and an architect’s drawing for two flats in a vertical extension above an existing 1960s three-storey block in Camden. 

Traditional building methods would have worked out much too costly, not to mention stretched out the construction time considerably. 

Fortunately, Boutique Modern Ltd’s experience with prefab houses saved the day…

Work in progress

While working on the original design and assessing the associated costs, the client’s brief changed—access from one of the staircases was denied by a tenant, which meant the two small flats were combined into one luxurious Penthouse apartment. 

Structural engineers designed a steel frame that would support the apartment using only the outside and party walls of the existing building, spanning the roof deck and keeping enabling works to a minimum. 

Apart from these changes, the experts in charge complied with the architect’s original drawing in every way. Window reveals were matched to the permitted elevations and finishes were replicated to comply with planning permission. The only difference was now the interiors which transformed into a much more spacious floor-plan. 

However, it seemed to have worked out rather brilliantly in the end…

Sleek and sparkling

On the inside, the flat was completed with very high-spec finishes, a ‘German’ kitchen, a hot tub bath and a walk-in wardrobe in the master suite.

Notice how the glass doors and windows, along with skylights, usher in batches of natural light to bounce around the pale colour palette and sleek surfaces.

Project details

The flat’s exterior surfaces are finished in a Monocouche render, providing both decoration and weather protection. To make this beauty stand out even more, the apartment boasts the only sedum roof in the area. PV panels and a super-insulated structure help limit the property’s energy use dramatically. 

And, of course, let’s not forget the cityscape view seen here that these inhabitants get to enjoy on a daily basis. Not too shabby at all, eh?

Pale perfection

Back to the interiors, where we get a closer look at the dining area of the open-plan layout. Seeing as space was no longer an issue on the inside, it means the penthouse’s new look is a most spacious one, with ample legroom in-between the various rooms and spaces, contributing to a most sociable ambience. 

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Beautiful dreams

Continuing the modern interior style is the bedroom, donned up perfectly in the pale colour palette and presenting a plush, most welcoming look via layered fabrics quite flawlessly. 

A most surprising turn of events that, in the end, couldn’t have worked out better!

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We love it, but can’t speak for everyone. Tell us what you think of this penthouse’s look.

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