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Inspirational and extravagant, the project you are about to see today is the result of a perfectly resolved and executed design from Spanish architects Miba. They have shared with us their recently completed project—a stunning family home that takes residential architecture beyond anything we've seen before. 

The talented team from Miba were given the ultimate freedom by their clients, who had only two main wishes. Firstly, they desired a dynamic setting where the family could have a sense of freedom and make the space their own. Secondly, the home had to be designed and built in harmony with the beautiful landscape. 

With these points in mind, Miba certainly have delivered upon their client's wishes and more!

A sculpture within the landscape

Was this what you were expecting? As you can see, the home takes shape in sculpture-like form with many different wings that span over the hilly site. The structure takes topographical cues from the various inclinations of the site, resulting in a structure that appears to be a natural addition to the landscape.

Components of rendered timber, transparent glass and steel beams make up the identifiable exterior, as well as dictating the appearance and sense of space established internally. 

A stroll on top of the roof

On the top of the structure, a green roof offers both a jaw-dropping architectural feature and a completely unique natural setting. The roof appears to blur the lines as to where the hillside ends and the home begins. Not only does this look incredible but there are also many benefits associated with incorporating a rooftop garden into a home's design, such as greater energy efficiency, natural cooling qualities and noise reduction.

A tailor made home

Once inside a white-on-white colour palette and simple use of textures create a space that is visually stunning and in perfect balance. The impact of the glass along the ceiling shows how beautifully the light is diffused within the vast space.

Looking down towards the main communal zone we can see how the owners have really made the space their own. Homes that enjoy huge expanses of space can sometimes feel oversized or even un-homely. This certainly isn't the case here with each charming and characterful item introduced seemingly harmonising the space. 

Combining many styles

The kitchen and dining areas enjoy a contemporary and open plan nature, forming a dialogue between interconnecting spaces. Given that the clients requested for their own interior style be showcased, the architects chose to use simple lines and a muted colour palette to allow the clients to decorate as they saw fit. 

The décor sources inspiration from a variety of different styles. We are big fans of the oversized lamp that hangs from the ceiling above the island bench, which really gives an industrial edge to the space. 

Cooking with unrestricted views

From this angle we are treated to a view from the opposing side of the kitchen. The horizontal nature of the kitchen is outstanding. As is the attention paid to maintaining the line of sight which, as you can see, remains open and unrestricted. Kitchen cabinetry, installed against the walls, ensure the views remain unspoiled from every angle. 

The best views inside

In a place where views are highly sought after and valued, houses here are typically orientated to capture the best views available. Perhaps acting selfishly on behalf of the clients, the architects have ensured that the best views inside the house are found within the master bedroom. Just imagine waking up and seeing this every morning when the sun rises—pure bliss!

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We think even people who don't normally like modern design will be a fan of this home! Do you agree? Did you like the house?

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