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The King of the Hill House

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DAVINCI HAUS GmbH & Co. KG Classic style living room
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Set amongst a spectacular countryside landscape, there's so much to love about this summer home that's been designed with everything in consideration. Given how spectacular the images are from this project, it's easy to assume that the home is set somewhere exotic. But you might be surprised to learn that the home is situated in Germany. 

Built over three distinct levels, this grand home reflects something that many of us would dream of owning. The home has been designed to reflect the traditional houses found in this part of Germany. Houses that are characterised by their pitched roofs and arched windows. Though traditional at heart, this home also undoubtedly has a modern edge. 

So, without further ado, we invite you to start scrolling down to see the home in-depth for yourself. 

Cut into the hillside

Standing tall and proud, we see the home lit up wonderfully during sunset. Despite being a beacon of beauty now, for a while it seemed that the home might never have been built at all considering all the challenges the owners and architects faced. However, the architects at DaVinci Haus did an amazing job to ensure that the project not only came to fruition but exceeded even the high expectations of the owners.  

The obvious major challenge was the steepness of the site. Not to mention the need to protect the mature trees found there too. So the question that arises is: why would one try and build on such a challenging site? The answer to that question is answered simply by looking at the next image…

A stellar outdoor set up

Wow! Look at the amazing views on offer up here. It looks like it was definitely worth the hardship considering the owners can enjoy these views everyday. Given that the home hosts such a view, it is only fitting that a stellar outdoor area would feature. A table for the whole family and their guests awaits, beckoning to be readied for a summer party. 

To really get the party started there's even a swimming pool for those seeking some care-free fun. Those swimming around can enjoy splashing round in the crystal clear waters while occasionally taking the time to embrace their spectacular setting. 

A balcony too

If the other outdoor area and pool wasn't enough there's even a huge balcony that wraps around the home. Whether the owners intend to spend their days here entertaining or relaxing, the balcony can achieve both with a furniture set up that's conducive for both quieter times and for socialising. 

DaVincu Haus have added a delicate touch of nature via a row of pot plants along the decking. As the plants grow over time the owners will notice their balcony becoming lush, green and even more inviting. 

The open plan living and dining room is connected directly to the balcony via sliding glass doors which, when left open, can help ensure those inside or outdoors enjoy a smooth transition between areas.  

Lighting inside

Forever drowning in natural light, the internal settings remain illuminated and inviting all day long thanks to the utilisation of transparent glazings across each level. Better yet, the clean crisp lines and minimal, neutral spirit of the home ensures it will remain contemporary and fresh for years to come. 

Introducing black boldly

Dining has become an important aspect of living in this home. As the centrepiece of the lower level, we can see the grand dining table being the priority of the décor. An interesting choice was the pairing of pink and black upholstery chairs, as well as the unique hanging light fixture above.  

As you can see, the introduction of black can alter the whole dynamic of a space. The spacious kitchen is afforded the luxury of plenty of space and ample daylight and so can utilise a bold colour such as black. It's hard to miss is the black island benchtop and the contrasting white cabinetry that gives the kitchen depth and an innovative edge.

Space to breath

In the lounge room the ceilings were built as high as possible to retain a feeling of openness. Afternoon light enters the home from early afternoon, creating a serene mood that's only further enhanced by the simple and minimal interior, neutral tones and soft textures. 

All in all, there's no doubt that this home will stay a private oasis for the owners, who are lucky enough to own such a beautiful home in such an exclusive location. 

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