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8 kitchen design mistakes (and how to fix them)

Amy Buxton Amy Buxton
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Designing the perfect kitchen is a mammoth task that you don't want to get wrong, which is why we were so shocked to discover that there are some very commonplace mistakes being made almost constantly, by ALL of us! We took a look at all the issues professional kitchen planners actively try to sidestep, in a bid to understand where we have gone wrong before and we've brought them all together for you, right here! Take a good look and try to identify any issues that you need to rectify and then get ready to thank us, as we tell you how to do exactly that!

Mistake 1: too much open shelving.

Having nothing but open shelving can be a real mistake in a kitchen. as it will lead to a messy and disorganised space. A good way to negate this problem is to opt for some stylish racking, as seen here, sop you get your fix of open storage, but then be sure to add in plenty of traditional cabinets.

Mistake 2: too much stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a wonderful material to use in the kitchen, as it is easy to clean and chic, but en masse, it can create a very cold and impersonal aesthetic. The way to get around this problem is to contrast the coolness of stainless steel with a warmer material or colour. Rich natural wood works SO well!

Mistake 3: bad handle dimensions.

There's nothing worse than drawers and cabinets that have been badly planned out so that their handles clash and clang whenever you try to open anything. Avoid this massive problem by not only planning things out comprehensively, but also, think about opting for a handleless design. 

Mistake 4: not having enough sockets.

In a bid for a sleek and stylish kitchen, it can be easy to overlook the importance of electrical sockets, as they aren't always the most beautiful additions, but you really do need more of them than you might think. A great solution is a hidden socket tower, which springs up from your countertop when needed and remains hidden at all other times.

Mistake 5: having the bin on show.

Everybody seems to forget to account for the rubbish bin, when designing a new kitchen but nothing looks worse than a naff bin just sitting in the way somewhere! We think your best bet is to add segmented drawers, under your sink, which act as self-contained bins and remain out of sight! Simple!

Mistake 6: not thinking about the lighting.

We all know that we need much more than a single main light in our kitchens, yet we rarely seem to add in enough task illumination! A fail-safe way to approach kitchen lighting is to illuminate the underside of whatever you can, so wall shelves, top cabinets and ceilings are all critical! Oh, and don't forget to install decently bright bulbs too!

Mistake 7: underestimating the need for ventilation.

Unless you want your kitchen to smell stale and fall prey to a serious moisture and condensation problem, you NEED to think about ventilation. An air brick might be enough in some cases, but why not just play it safe and install a ventilation hood, either mounted to your wall or ceiling, directly above your cooker?

Mistake 8: playing it too safe.

We understand trying to decorate a kitchen in a timeless and chic style, but that seems to translate into really boring or safe aesthetics that are just a little too bland. Step up your game a little and delve into your courage a bit more to experiment with a funky accent colour, some statement tiles or some amazing cookware! 

For some more lovely kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Practical kitchen ideas.

Have you made any of these mistakes before?
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