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How to: Modernise a bungalow

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What do you imagine when you picture a bungalow? No doubt you're making the usual associations: 1970s style décor complete with dated furniture and floral curtains—the sort of cosy and comfortable interiors that would make your granny proud. However, it's also possible that you've heard the news: bungalows are no longer the place where good taste goes to die! 

The bungalows of today are stylish and chic, thanks to professionals and homeowners across the UK embracing bungalow renovation ideas with open arms. And let’s not forget that bungalows usually offer spacious layouts and typically large gardens, ensuring a growing demand for this type of property. Buyers expect to see a certain standard if they're not planning to take on a bungalow renovation project, so if you're putting your bungalow on the market, make sure it ticks all the right boxes and includes all the modern necessities.  

Whether you're looking to buy, sell, or simply update your own, these bungalow renovation ideas (some of which are straight out of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s) will help you on the journey.  

1.Update the exterior

Oak Timber Frame House Extension, Gatley, Cheshire, Manchester Grant Erskine Architects Classic style dining room
Grant Erskine Architects

Oak Timber Frame House Extension, Gatley, Cheshire, Manchester

Grant Erskine Architects

When considering bungalow renovation ideas, remember that first impressions count; so, pay attention to the exterior of your property. This might involve a simple coat of paint to refresh the front of your bungalow, or it could mean investing in more structural work to tackle any problems that could be an issue in the future, such as damp and mould. Forking out for a new roof might seem like an annoyance at the time, but if it needs doing, acting early will save you a lot of hassle in a few years time.  

Additionally, don't forget to make the most of your garden. In many instances, landscaping and gardening form part of a bungalow renovation, considering how many of them come attached with spacious gardens. Thus, make it a focal feature. Add modern decking or a patio area to get the most from your outdoor space, and if you're feeling adventurous, add herb and vegetable gardens to allow for a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle.

2. Modern radiators are a must

It goes without saying that modern central heating is a must: and it's even better if you have eco heating systems installed. However, not everyone has the resources to add solar panels to their home, so a simple way to get your heating up-to-date is to focus on the radiators. Clunky 70s style radiators can be covered up with stylish casements, such as this example. If you want to replace your radiators, there are a wide variety of modern designs available which can be discreetly integrated into the rest of your contemporary décor.

Which of our professional Architects (or Interior Designers/Decorators, or Carpenters, or… ) will assist you with your dream project? 

3. Focus on the kitchen

Cipriani Limestone in a tumbled finish Artisans of Devizes Country style kitchen
Artisans of Devizes

Cipriani Limestone in a tumbled finish

Artisans of Devizes

The kitchen is worth investing in, as for many, it's the most important room in the house. So, if you're going to update any one room, choose this one! Keep it bright and welcoming by maximising natural light and creating an open plan layout if possible (get ready to knock down some walls!). It's also important to decide on a particular style. Do you want a modern kitchen, or a country style kitchen? Mixing different design elements can result in a mismatched mess, so ideally work with a kitchen designer to get it just right. 

4. Say goodbye to ugly carpets

Dated, patterned carpets have no place in a modern bungalow. Of course, if you prefer carpets to floorboards or tiles, there are plenty of luxurious options to choose from that look great in a modern home. However, if you're selling your bungalow, remember that hardwood floors are often viewed as a selling point. 

5. Extend to the rear

Modern Kitchen / Lounge Extension homify Modern conservatory

Modern Kitchen / Lounge Extension


Perhaps you’ve been inspired by the tremendous glazing included in bungalow conservatory ideas, and now you want to incorporate it via a rear extension. We say go for it, as a rear extension can provide some valuable extra space which can be the new living room, or can open up the kitchen to create an open plan kitchen diner. Bi-fold doors are the perfect way to bring extra light into the lower level of the home, and they also create a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Value-boosting bungalow renovation ideas: Rewiring and replumbing

Architect designed residential extension Stoneleigh KT17 – View to the garden GOAStudio | London residential architecture Modern dining room
GOAStudio | London residential architecture

Architect designed residential extension Stoneleigh KT17 – View to the garden

GOAStudio | London residential architecture

• Add extra electrical sockets to up your bungalow’s functionality and convenience. You could even consider a beautiful face plate for sockets and switches. 

• Poor water flow, knocking or rattling, and burst pipes are usually the result of old piping. Consider replacing your gravity fed plumbing system (which uses extra space for a header tank) with a pressurised one. It’s also marvellous with regards to pressure on hot and cold supplies. 

Value-boosting bungalow renovation ideas: A garden office

Office space in Garden studio EMR Architecture Eclectic style study/office Grey
EMR Architecture

Office space in Garden studio

EMR Architecture

With more and more people working from home these days, many bungalow conservatory ideas have made way for designs focused on studies or home offices. This has naturally boosted the appeal of garden offices, especially since they can add so much value to a property, whether it's a modern house or a charming bungalow.

Expect to dish out between £5,000 to £20,000 for a small garden office, depending on the quality of the build, its size, and bespoke features. 

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What are your plans regarding a modern bungalow renovation? 

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