Upgrade your interior so it no longer bores you to tears

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After living in a house for years it is natural the time will come when your interior décor no longer excites you. It will be a tormenting experience, to live in a home that no longer inspires you rather it has become boring. Given the inevitability of coming into contact with your boring interior décor every day, it seems imperative to remedy the situation.

There are a lot of ways to instil some excitement back into your décor.  Have you ever consider making a complete renovation of your living room with new furniture and colours? Or perhaps add some recycled elements to your home for a touch of uniqueness? The key to turning around the boring scenery of your home is to adapt it to the self-image you possess at the time. Thus, the things that stimulate you should find a focal place in the interior décor.

Let’s see then how you can upgrade your interior so it no longer bores you to tears.

With natural materials

Imagine the feel of natural stone under your feet when you take a shower or running your hands along a travertine bath as you indulge in a much deserve me-time. Would that be boring? We highly doubt it. With natural materials you will add a unique element that brings a sense of opulence to your interior décor.

Natural materials are sourced, as you know, from a natural environment rather than created in an industrial or laboratory setting. As in the image above, for example, the bathroom features are made from stone to create an amazing space as it was designed by nature.

With typical British design

Have you ever consider turning the page to a more classical décor? Typical British design takes upholstery and neutral colours to create an elegant interior décor. Take for example the image above, where hues of blue decorate the walls while the soft curves of the upholstered sofas tie up the room in a sense of sophistication. The living room is bright and spacious and the drapes and chandelier create an irresistible regal feeling.

Implement something eye-catching

Perhaps one of the reasons that you have lost interest in your décor is that there is no longer something eye-catching. Everything have become mundane. So it’s time to add a dazzling element to your home!

Pictured is a great example of how interior landscape has been embraced by the bathroom, with creeping plants consuming a wall to create the impression that you are taking a bath in the Amazon. Given the fact that you will spend approximately 3 years of your life in the bathroom, implementing something fun in the room might be what is missing from your home.

Dare to be different

Forget the overused furniture that are offered in bulk in shops and probably already taking up space in your house. It’s time to go DIY.

We love the oil barrel in the image, which has been transformed into a multifunctional coffee table. It would be a unique addition to any living room. 

Besides coffee-tables, DIY projects can include pendant lamps made out of newspapers or pillow covers repurposed from old clothes. The only limit in daring to be different with DIY creations is imagination! It has the added benefit of being an inexpensive way to add excitement back into your interior décor.

Less is more

If DIY creations don’t appeal to you then perhaps you can follow the mantra of less is more. Having a home that brims with out-of-synch decorative elements and furniture might be the root of your boring issue.

Reshape your décor and match it with accents of your favourite colours. If it so happens that you love blue, then take a cue from the image above. The walls are licked with a very light shade of blue, accentuated by darker hues of the chair.

To complete the décor, artwork in the form of paintings, ranging in blue accents are hung on the wall to denote a more personal touch. Even the lampshade is dressed in blue! The living room is but an example of how colour can play a pivotal role in abandoning boredom. The bedroom or the kitchen could just as well benefit from your favourite colour scheme.

Make it your own

Creating an interior décor that is consumed by your favourite colours is one step closer to reclaiming the house as your own. If you want to go one step further then consider adding elements that inspire you. Have you ever thought to recreate a scene from your favourite movie in your interior décor?

Or your living room could leapt from  the pages of your favourite book. Fashion enthusiasts can take inspiration from magazines and websites to dress their rooms in a way that inspires them. In doing so, your décor will stimulate your senses rather than boring them to tears. Perhaps you’re fond of geography so can tattoo a world map on your living room wall. Think what inspires you and find a way to incorporate it!

We spend a significant amount of time in our homes and having a décor that inspires cannot be overstated. With a little imagination and a little investment, your home will once again be an enjoyable place to be.

Have any of our ideas left you feeling inspired to upgrade your décor? We’d love to hear your plans in the comments!

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