The best (and worst) colours to paint your bedroom

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SS16 Style Guide - Coastal Elegance LuxDeco Country style bedroom Blue
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Before we even get started, we want to state, for the record, that we think all of the bedrooms we are featuring here are utterly STUNNING and that the colour appraisals have come from a little pseudo-scientific research, so we are in no way making any prescriptive statements about the colours we are showcasing. Phew, with that out of the way, how about we start talking about how certain colours can either promote a good night's sleep and healthy libido (ooh-er!) or be a detriment to both? Interior designers probably don't place too much stock in these colour-therapy claims, but it'll be fun to see which colours are meant to be the healthiest for your bedroom, so let's get started!

The best!

Green is such a wonderfully natural and relaxing colour and thanks to the more organic feel, apparently, 22% of people who took part in a colour study claimed to feel more happy and awake when they woke up in a green space! 

SS16 Style Guide - Coastal Elegance - Bedroom LuxDeco Country style bedroom Blue

A blue bedroom will, according to studies, get you that little bit closer to a recommended eight hours of uninterrupted sleep and leave you feeling calmer too! This one isn't just hearsay though, as receptors in our eyes are most sensitive and attuned to blue. You might even have lower blood pressure as well!

Naturally stimulating your nervous system, yellow will always make you feel calm, happy and relaxed, meaning that it is absolutely a good choice for your bedroom! Who doesn't want to wake up to sunshine every day?

Silver bedrooms tend to soothe, thanks to the metallic element, but even more than that, apparently, they encourage people to exercise more as well! Could this be the secret to a good night's sleep AND a fitter body? Sign us up! 

If we told you that orange bedrooms can aid digestion, would you think we had gone crazy? Well they do and not only that, they also warm and relax your muscles too, which will always lead to a bloody good sleep!

Gold speaks of opulence, wealth and determination, which is why some of the most successful and rested people choose it for the primary colour in their bedroom. It must lead to some fascinating dreams as well!

The worst!

According to research, people that sleep in a purple bedroom get the least restful snoozing of everyone! Argh! The vibrant hue is considered too visually stimulating to let you drift off into a blissful sleep and can even promote nightmares as well. That's a shame, as it looks so good!

Brown isn't the cosy steadfast bedroom colour that you might have thought, as apparently it can feel isolating, uneasy and even lead to restlessness! We think that it can still work, if you balance the darkness out properly, but en masse, it could be a little much.

Marylebone LEIVARS Modern style bedroom

If you have a dark grey bedroom and find yourself internet surfing instead of sleeping on a regular basis, the two could be connected! Maybe add in a more summery colour, as a contrast, to cheer things up a little?

Red Bedroom 2 homify Modern style bedroom Red

Red might be the colour of passion, but according to research, a red bedroom can actually stunt your love life! How disappointing! Perhaps mixing it in with a little white is the key!

Speaking of white, an all-white or cream bedroom might look timeless and chic, but it can prevent your mind from switching off! Adding in some warmer tones will help no end, so get that mind quietened so you can catch some z's!

For more bedroom tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Brilliant budget bedroom hacks.

Which colour do you think is the right choice for you?

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