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Bringing blank walls to life!

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Minimalist living is all very well and good and perfectly suits many people and houses, but that doesn't mean you have to showcase blank walls! There really is a lot of confusion surrounding the differentiation of empty and minimal, but we're here to look at how you can inject a little personality and fun into your home, without making the space feel smaller or too cluttered.

Every house has walls and for many people, they are an untapped resource for personalisation and design flair, so take a look at our ideas for livening up your blank walls and see if you might be in the mood for a little revamp!

1. Wood

Sam's Creek homify Modern style bedroom

Sam's Creek


When we talk about blank walls, we mean plain, plastered examples that could be thought of as a little boring, but there is no chance of that being the case here, is there? Just look at the amazing wood that has been used not only on the walls, but on the ceiling and floor too! The design team were clearly on a mission to create a room that was as striking as it pared back and we think it is truly inspirational. 

Any extra decoration would seem a little over the top, so while these are, technically, blank walls, we think you see why we included this suggestion!

2. Wallpaper

Isn't this peek into a sumptuous bedroom simply gorgeous? The rich reds and luxe materials are all working in perfect harmony and even the walls have been given the superstar treatment. Keir Townsend have used textured wallpaper to amazing effect and where blank walls would have totally ruined the visual and tactile vibe of this sensory triumph, what has been installed looks amazing.

We love that this design team have sought to make even the textures cohesive, as well as colours, as the overall impact is undeniably fantastic.

3. Art

Blank walls that have been finished with paint or standard wallpaper can look very elegant and chic, but if you are keen to use them to make a big impact on your decor scheme, why not consider commissioning or simply collecting some modern art? It might seem extravagant, but art is an investment and when it looks as fantastic as this giant wall shell, we can't find a reason to not start collecting!

Perfectly highlighting other eclectic nuances in a room, wall art really helps to tie a theme or a style together and you can afford to go as big and bold as you dare!

4. Photographs

Rustic eating 99chairs Dining roomTables

Rustic eating


If art and sculpture isn't quite what you hard in mind as a method of transforming your blank walls, but you are still keen to hang something, we can't recommend photographs enough. Though a traditional solution to the problem of blank walls, we think it has stood the test of time for a reason and really helps to lift a space.

Breaking up vast areas of single colour, flat textured walls, framed photographs are an elegant installation and in a family home, make for lovely galleries of loved ones throughout the years.

5. Storage

If only everyone was allowed to store their bicycle in the living room; what a civilised world it would be! We are joking, of course, but as keen cyclists ourselves, we can see the enormous value in hanging bikes on blank walls, as they will not only take up less floor space, they will be easier to access for impromptu rides and they just look great, don't you think?

A handy shelf above a bicycle would be the perfect place to store helmets, gloves, locks and everything you need to remember to take with you on a ride, without simply leaving them on the floor to be tripped over!

6. Stickers

While you may not want blank walls now, there is a chance that you will change your mind in the future and as such, it's always handy to stumble upon a solution that gives you a larger degree of flexibility. With that in mind, we are huge fans of wall decals, which are gaining enormous popularity in terms of interior design right now.

Allowing you to transform any wall, decals can be left for as long as you like, before being pulled off, with no damage to the wall itself. You can then either add new stickers, re-paint or perhaps even enjoy your blank walls for a bit! What a wonderfully adaptive technique!

7. Hanging garden

Would this not be the most incredible addition to the blank walls in any kitchen? Just imagine these boxes being filled with growing herbs and mounted on a large and empty wall, within easy snipping and tearing distance of the cooker! Decoration with a practical twist, we love this stunning little garden and can think of no better way to cheer up some sad and lonely walls!

If you are always thinking about adding to your walls but still aren't quite sure how to go about it, take a look at this Ideabook: Add Some WOW To Your Brick Walls. We think you'll be taken aback by some of the alternative suggestions!

Do you like blank walls? Or do you see them as a blank canvas ready to be adorned? Let us know your thoughts!

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