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The surprising impact colours can have on your home

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The colours you use to decorate your home will have a far greater impact than you might realise and though you will naturally be drawn to your favourite hues and shades, do you know what they mean or represent from a psychological standpoint?

Not only taken in through our eyes, colours are 'absorbed' by our mind and several studies show that they can affect our nervous system, influence our emotions and contribute to our moods. Incredible, isn't it? With this in mind, you can see why we think it's so important to evaluate the impact that commonly chosen decor colours can have!

Get ready to be educated as we find out what your room colour is doing to you!


Lovely green. Such a 'love it or hate it' colour, but we think it's fabulous and it always puts us in a holiday state of mind. Perhaps it's because it has a certain wild and tropical feel to it. Decorate your room in green and it feels like you are on a perpetual holiday, at least it does in this room from Andreia Louraço!

Green is a colour that is thought to relieve tension and aggression, making it perfect for people that could benefit from having a more optimistic outlook. It can also help to ease pain, according to chromotherapy studies. A fabulously harmonious room colour, green brings a natural balance and calm.


A favourite for so many people, blue is the next colour that we are going to take a closer look at. Frequently used in bathrooms and bedrooms, where relaxation is key, can it be that we all subconsciously recognise some restorative powers that it possesses? 

According to colour therapy experts, blue is a colour that gives the feeling of relaxation and serenity. It also helps to overcome fears and recover from fatigue, making it a perfect room colour for sleeping or bathing in. Perhaps secretly we are all colour experts!


Red… the colour of passion, love and fire. We like it and are dawn to it because it's full of intensity! A beautiful colour, no doubt, but unfortunately not so much for any of our rooms. Maybe it would be fun to sleep in a totally red room for one night, but no more. 

As a room colour, red should be avoided as it is simply too intense and rather than promoting relaxation, it simply heightens irritation, aggression and can even be shown to increase your heart rate. Keep red as an accent colour, but not a main theme!


Wonderful yellow! The colour that brings us back to summer and surrounds us with warmth, positivity and restfulness. Now this is a room colour that you should want!

A happy and welcoming colour, yellow is perfect for stimulating optimism, while also reducing anxiety. Did you also know that by opting for a yellow room, it will be easier to wake up in the morning? In the summer, when we see the sun's rays penetrate our bedroom, we will naturally seek to wake up and embrace the day. What a wonderful way to start every morning; surrounded by sunshine!


Purple is a room colour that can be quite nice for kids, as it is bright and cheerful, but many adult women are also drawn to it too. 

Dark purple is thought to bring feelings of nobility and as an accent colour can add a sense of luxury to any space, but be careful not to create a completely purple room, as that has been shown to promote imbalances. In fact, if used in large quantities, purple has been proven to induce sadness, longing and melancholy; none of which we want!


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Finally, we come to brown, which is a colour that conveys serenity, safety, nature and even sophistication. It is a warm colour with a neutral and natural air. Easily matching any element within the room, it is undoubtedly a favourite room colour for good reason, but it may be renewed and revitalised by the addition of other hues, creating different vibes and feelings, but always within a safe and comforting place. Simultaneously chic and soothing, what's not to love?

If you are a fan of all things colourful, take a look at this Ideabook: Brilliantly Bold Curtains. It's not just your walls that will flourish with a little colour!

What colour do you have in your bedroom? Can you identify with these findings?

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