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Are you in search of ideas for designing a garage for your house? Then you are in the right place! This time homify shares some ideas and tips about garages and carports; that place where you keep your favourite companion: your car.

Garage is a word taken from French into Spanish and means covered place to store cars. Garages often have a sliding or elevating door but you can also find open door types. Essentially, they can come in any design and size, depending on the budget and available space. There are also garages that have more unique and original designs than those we are used to seeing every day and there are those that have uses besides storing a car, such as a workshop, storage or exercise area. Regardless of how a garage is being used, we always have to investigate and brainstorm a little about the subject before designing or remodelling the one we already have.

Here are seven garages especially designed for modern homes. We'll also show you some features, investigating their pros and cons and you can decide which one you like best!

Suits the style of the house

If you do not like doors, live in a private area or your house is a style that may have an open garage, perhaps this idea proposed by Mexican architects will be inspiring.

garage attached to the house which, whilst having two walls, is open on two sides. The cover and the floor are angled and there is nothing else but just a brand new car. This style of garage is always sensational with colonial or country style houses. Don’t tell me you don't just love it?

Wooden porch: simple and functional

If you're fortunate to have a field large enough to design a multi-car garage and separate it from the house, then the image above provides an option for you. It is a type porch garage with no doors. The wooden structure acts like a cover protecting the vehicle. A design that never gets old, is easy to build and always looks good. Check out the detail of the stone floor that not only it looks sensational but it's tough, a very important feature to be taken into account when designing your garage.

Total trend: pure concrete

One of the current trends in garage architecture is laying bare building materials. In large cities and buildings the most common building material of choice in garages will be concrete. However, it is possible to jump on this trend in our own homes, whether small or large. A clear example is seen in this design space above, where the garage is framed by concrete slabs.

Home townhouse

If the land on which your house is built is small, the best option is an attached garage. How about the image above? It is open, but unobtrusive and simple. It draws attention to the use and integration of space. It should be noted here that the colours of the structure are the same as those of the auto, cream and black, a perfect marriage with the house creating a harmonious whole.

Saving the car and other things

Sometimes a garage is not only conceived and designed to save our car, but also serves as a storage area or even as a workshop for practicing a musical instrument or any artistic endeavours.

If your garage has or will have a dual function, you have to plan it carefully, as there are many details to be taken into account: the floor, the placing of shelves to optimise space, the materials to be used, the storage of garage products, etc. You also have to make sure that it isn’t a very humid place and is perfectly illuminated.

Sliding doors for small houses

In addition to the sectional, rolling, tilting and folding, some garage doors can slide. These doors can be made out of different materials with the most common being metal. Yet one can still find garage doors made out of wood, as in the image above. 

The wooden sliding doors of the garage attract much attention, and depending on the design, the wood colour and the framing materials, they can look modern, elegant, rustic or traditional. Wood is a very versatile material that can certainly be used in garage doors, particularly when they have a simple and minimalistic design.  A garage with sliding doors is ideal for small homes since the doors don't take up much space.

Did you find any of our garage ideas inspiring? Let us know which was your favourite!

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