12 low-maintenance garden ideas that actually look amazing

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A gorgeous garden is one thing, but if you need to commit a huge amount of time to maintaining and curating it, the joy will quickly be sucked out of the endeavour, don't you agree? Ask any professional Gardener and they'll tell you that getting the right balance between aesthetics and effort is the key to creating an outdoor space that you love spending time in. 

And given that spring and summer are approaching (even though it might not feel like it right now), now might be the perfect time to embark on a new landscaping project! Come and take a look at our modern garden ideas and top tips for embracing a beautiful yet low-maintenance garden and get ready to be blown away by how simple it can be!

1. Create an outdoor living area.

When it comes to garden ideas, whether you’re in the UK or elsewhere, a guaranteed way to make your garden gorgeous but low-key is to include a generous seating area. And here we can see how it has been accomplished on top of some suitably easy to clean paving slabs that prevent weeds from springing up.

Don't skimp on the cushions though!

2. Scale back the lawn.

If you have a large patch of grass in your garden, it will need regular feeding, watering and mowing, which all adds up to a lot of time and effort. If you scale back the size of your lawn, you'll have less to contend with and manage.

3. Compartmentalise the planting spaces.

By all means, have some plants in your garden, but try to really contain them to boxed in areas and you won't have to worry about pruning or keeping them in check. What a relief!

4. Stick to unfussy plants.

Speaking of plants, how about sticking to varieties that need very little in the way of ongoing care and consideration? Evergreens are a great bet, as are hardy little inclusions, such as cacti! Steer clear of creepers though, as they are rambunctious!

5. Swap beds for shrubs.

Instead of having standard flower beds and borders, why not look to have shrubs and hedges instead? You won't need to worry about seasonal display maintenance and can just run a hedge trimmer round every once in a while!

6. How about a little minimalism?

Opting for less doesn't have mean a lack of style, as a more understated design aesthetic can be in a whole new league of chic landscaping! After all, a clean and minimalist style can be just what the style doctor ordered in terms of low-maintenance garden ideas.

White walls, simple shingle and some seating will look just as great as endless greenery!

7. Cordon off a wild area.

If you do love a little flora and fauna, creating a designated wild garden area, where you can sow some seeds and just let nature take its course, is the perfect idea for you! Fence it off properly and you really won't need to worry about it spreading out!

8. Consider a water feature.

Once installed, a simple and chic water feature will be pretty much self-regulating, which means that you can enjoy a striking focal point in your garden, but not have to worry about maintaining it too much. Really, who needs plants when you have a waterfall?

9. Try hardy perennials for colour.

When you fancy a little colour in your garden, but don't fancy tending to seasonal hanging baskets and borders, it's time to reach for those fantastic little perennials, such as lavender! Gorgeously scented, beautiful all year round and so tough, they need nothing from you!

10. Get your tools in order.

A low-maintenance garden needs to be a tidy one, so you might like to consider investing in a pretty little potting or tool shed. Sling your wellies, lawnmower and spades in there and they'll be to hand whenever you need them, but not in the way!

11. Spread a little mulch.

We all know that weeding is the biggest chore, when it comes to gardens, which is why you need to take preventative measures! Spreading a good layer of mulch on your beds will help to stop persistent weeds from spouting up and will also nourish your beds. Two for the price of one!

12. Make space for a little relaxation.

With your amazing and easy to look after garden completed, you need to make sure that you can sit back and enjoy it! Hang a hammock somewhere, grab a drink and just enjoy the fruits of your (non) labour!

Bonus: Sprinkle some colour

We just love how these bright purple potters stand out from the neutral-coloured floor and walls/fences in this delightful low-maintenance garden. Remember that when it comes to adding colour, pattern and texture, be careful not to go overboard. Visually speaking, a big blend of too much detail can make your modern garden design look way too busy.  

Bonus: An elegant style

There exists a wealth of garden design ideas, especially in the UK where we have our charming garden styles like English, Cottage, etc. But just see how fabulously contemporary this design decided to become with its clean colours, raised composite deck, porcelain paving, cedar-clad walls, plus that circular water feature.  

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How do you plan on giving your garden a low-maintenance makeover? 

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